PIE Process Overview

Responsibilities and Timeline for PIE Instructors & High School Administrators


High School Teacher Responsibilities

Administrator Responsibilities

6 Months
prior to course

  • Submit PIE teacher application form, current resume and undergraduate and graduate transcripts to PIE coordinator for submission to the UW-W academic department.
  • Assist teacher(s) in applying for PIE instructor status.
  • Work with PIE Coordinator and HS teachers on course selection.
  • Obtain school board approval (if necessary).
  • Facilitate new course approval.
  • Complete the UW-W school’s application/ intent to provide a PIE course.

3 Months

  • Work with UW-W liaison to align PIE course with UW-W standards.  Develop syllabus, student learning objectives, assignments, rubrics, etc.
  • Work with UW-W liaison to select course materials, included suggested readings and approved textbooks.
  • Market PIE course(s) to student body and parents. 
    • PIE Coordinator may be invited to explain the PIE program and its benefit
  • Assist students in completing their online admission form.
  • Submit anticipated student list(s) for PIE courses to Carrie Lencho (lenchoc@ uww.edu)
  • Read, sign and return Memorandum of Understanding.

1-2 Months

  • Submit syllabus and assignments, tests, etc. for UW-W liaison approval.
  • Work with UW-W liaison to develop D2L course site if appropriate.
  • Develop timeline of course visits and review of student work with UW-W liaison.
  • Assist students in completing their online admission form.
  • Ensure that parents and students are well informed on transcripts, and email.

During the course semester

  • Provide examples of student work as agreed upon with UW-W liaison (including use of D2L for student feedback and/or grades if appropriate)
  • Coordinate class visits to PIE course with UW-W liaison.
  • Visit UW-W campus to attend course.
  • Assist students in accessing and using the UW-W website including email.
  • Facilitate surveys of PIE course offerings among high school students, teachers, administrators and parents.


End of Semester

  • Have students complete the Course Evaluation form (will be sent as a link)
  • Submit grades in WINS.
  • Email Carrie Lencho (lenchoc@ uww.edu) when grades are submitted.
  • Complete textbook inventory and submit to PIE coordinator.
  • Communicate with PIE coordinator at UWW to elaborate issues or concerns.


  • Attend PIE teacher workshop in June.
  • Attend PIE coordinator meeting as scheduled.