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PIE Student Handbooks

PIE Student Checklist

The PIE student checklist is your guideline that includes all necessary steps in order to complete your enrollment as a PIE student. Please pay attention to the important due dates. All steps will need to be completed in a timely manner to ensure you will be enrolled into your PIE course(s).

*Please do not submit an online application to UW-Whitewater until instructed by your high school. Please see the checklist for details.

Download PIE Student Checklist


You will recieve the online registration form from your guidance counselor. 

Online Admissions Process

After registering through your school for a PIE course; begin your online application process to be admitted as a special student at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater.

Download Online Admission Instructions

Credit Overload Form

Dual enrollment students are normally restricted to taking up to seven credits of UW-Whitewater courses per semester. If you plan to exceed this limit in any one semester, you will need to submit a Credit Overload Form to the the UW-Whitewater Admissions Office. Please find the request form below.

Download the Credit Overload Form

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Forms

FERPA is the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act that sets forth requirements regarding the privacy of student records. FERPA governs the release of student education records maintained by the University and access to these records.
Students are afforded certain rights concerning their education records, including:

  • the right to inspect and review the education records
  • the right to seek to have the records amended
  • the right to have some control over the disclosure of the information from the records

If you would like to allow your P.I.E. High School instructor to discuss your PIE class grades and performance with a parent, guardian or other individual, please complete this form and provide it to your High School instructor.

If you would like to allow your student records to be disclosed to any other individual or for any other purpose, please complete this form:

Download FERPA Authorization form