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Responsibilities of UW-Whitewater PIE Students

Responsibilities of UW-Whitewater PIE Students

What to Expect:
As a PIE student, you will be working with the same content and material as UWW campus students. Compared to your high school courses, expect the PIE course to go at a faster pace, require greater responsibility, and demand higher standards.

Course Syllabus
As a PIE student, the first steps towards succeeding in your PIE course are to read and understand the course syllabus. The syllabus includes very important information regarding instructor expectations, office hours, key dates, attendance policy, and grading policies.

Academic Dishonesty
All students enrolled in UW-Whitewater courses are expected to complete their course work with fairness and honesty. Failure to abide by this will result in disciplinary action.

Academic misconduct is an act in which a student:

  1. Seeks to claim credit for the work or efforts of another without authorization or citation;
  2. Uses unauthorized materials or fabricated data in any academic exercise;
  3. Forges or falsifies academic documents or records;
  4. Intentionally impedes or damages the academic work of others;
  5. Engages in conduct aimed at making false representation of a student's academic performance; or
  6. Assists other students in any of these acts.

Examples of academic misconduct include, but are not limited to: cheating on an examination; collaborating with others in work to be presented, contrary to the stated rules of the course; submitting a paper or assignment as one's own work when a part or all of the paper or assignment is the work of another; submitting a paper or assignment that contains ideas or research of others without appropriately identifying the sources of those ideas; stealing examinations or course materials; submitting, if contrary to the rules of a course, work previously presented in another course; tampering with the laboratory experiment or computer program of another student; knowingly and intentionally assisting another student in any of the above, including assistance in an arrangement whereby any work, classroom performance, examination or other activity is submitted or performed by a person other than the student under whose name the work is submitted or performed.

The following are the disciplinary sanctions that may be imposed for academic misconduct in accordance with the procedures:

  1. An oral reprimand;
  2. A written reprimand presented only to the student;
  3. An assignment to repeat the work, to be graded on its merits;>
  4. A lower or failing grade on the particular assignment or test;
  5. A lower grade in the course;
  6. A failing grade in the course;
  7. Removal of the student from the course in progress;
  8. A written reprimand to be included in the student's disciplinary file;
  9. Disciplinary probation; or
  10. Suspension or expulsion from the university.

UW-Whitewater Grading Scale

Undergraduate Letter Grade Undergraduate Grade Points
A 4.00
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.00
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2.00
C- 1.67
D+ 1.33
D 1.00
D- 0.67
F 0.00

Will my PIE grades affect my GPA at the college I decide to eventually attend?
If you attend UW-Whitewater, your PIE grade will become part of your permanent record. If you have questions regarding how your grade earned in PIE will transfer, contact the registrar office at the college you wish to attend.

Dropping a PIE Course
The grades you receive for UW-Whitewater PIE courses become a permanent part of your college transcript. Before taking a PIE course, you should carefully decide whether you are ready for college level work and willing to make the time commitment required for your courses.

If you wish to drop one or more PIE courses, please inform your instructor and PIE program and submit an email request for a late drop of your course to Carrie Lencho at Your request must be sent from your UW-Whitewater email account and should state the reason for your request for dropping the course after the late drop deadline.

The deadlines to drop classes are can be accessed on-line at:

  1. Select the term
  2. Click on: Deadlines - Add/Drop, Withdraw, Refund
  3. Click on: Add/Drop, Grade Basis Changes, Refunds

Students with Disabilities Seeking Accommodations

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