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Getting Started with your PIE Class Selection

PIE high schools enter into a contractual agreement with the university to offer university courses and hire teachers who have master’s degrees and at least 18 graduate credits in the content area related to each college-level PIE class. These teachers must be approved by the academic department at the university and work closely with a university liaison professor.

UW-Whitewater provides support for teachers with a master’s degree not specifically related to the content area by providing online graduate courses at no charge for participating instructors. Teachers will need at least 18 graduate credits in the subject area. For example, teachers with a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction could be accepted as PIE instructors for computer science provided that they enroll and complete graduate courses in computer science.

Download District Application Here

Current PIE Courses offered

Transfer guides to all current PIE courses

6 months prior to course

Assist teacher(s) in applying for PIE instructor status
Work with PIE Coordinator and High School teachers on course selection
Obtain school board approval (if necessary)
Facilitate new course approval
Complete UW-Whitewater’s school application/intent to provide a PIE course

3 months prior to course

Market PIE course(s) to student body and parents
Assist students in completing their online admission form
Submit anticipated student list(s) for PIE courses to Carrie Lencho
Read, sign, and return Memorandum of Understanding

1-2 months prior to course Ensure that parents and students are well informed on transcripts, and email.
During the course semester Facilitate surveys of PIE course offerings among high school students, teachers, administrators and parents
End of semester Communicate with PIE coordinator at UW-Whitewater to elaborate issues or concerns
Once/year Attend PIE coordinator meeting as scheduled

UW-Whitewater’s PIE program meets the standards for dual enrollment programs established by the University of Wisconsin System. For more information please consult:

In accordance with Federal, State, and UW-System laws, regulations and policies, no otherwise qualified student with a disability shall be denied equal access to UW-Whitewater programs. This includes high school students in the PIE (Partners in Education) concurrent education programs. All accommodations for students with disabilities enrolled in a University of Wisconsin-Whitewater course(s) must have approved accommodations through the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD). Existing Individualized Education Plans (IEP) or 504 Plans are not approved at the university level.

Students are encouraged to apply for services as soon as possible, preferable upon enrollment to the course. Students should complete an application and submit any documentations to the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD). While an IEP or 504 Plan is helpful, it may not be sufficient nor may all currently approved high school accommodations or modifications be approved. CSD will set up a phone or Skype conference for intake. For students who qualified for services a Verified Individual Services and Accommodations (VISA) plan will be individually created and will be provided to the student, the concurrent course coordinator, CSD, and the high school. Accommodations will be implemented at the local high school.

Please send any questions to or call 800-621-5376