Graduate Courses Available Online for Summer 2018


ENGLISH 690A: Central Concepts in Composition Theory: Introduces significant schools of theory and methods for teaching composition.  
(This online course runs from June 18-July 28, 2018)

ENGLISH 690B: Literary Criticism: Critical Theory for Literature Instructors addresses how teachers can devise strategies to encourage their students’ critical engagement with literary texts. Using close reading as the foundation for literary analysis, the course introduces general ideas from the major theoretical schools that consider aesthetics, race, class, gender, and history as lenses for interpretation.  
(This online course runs from July 9-August 18, 2018)



MATH 649: Probability and Statistical Inference: Foundations associated with quantifying and modelling chance and randomness with a focus on the role proability plays in statistical inference. Topics include set theory, combinatorics, random variables, selected discrete and continuous probability distributions, probability distributions for commonly used statistics, and the logic and applied use of probabity in formulating and conducting hypothesis tests.
(This online course runs from June 18-July 29, 2018)

MATH 624: Advanced Topics in Geometry and Trigonometry: The course material is centered around concepts in geometry and trigonometry including geometric transformations in 2 and 3 dimensions, their representations by matrices, and equations with complex numbers. Metric spaces, minimum distance problems, quadratic, arithmetic, geometric, harmonic means. Area, volume and geometric probability. Multiple representations of the trigonometric functions and their identities. An individual research project is to be completed.
(This online course runs from July 9-August 18, 2018)


Tuition: UW-Whitewater 2016-2018 graduate tuition rate: $1,324.89 for a 3-credit course.

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