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The UW-Whitewater Speakers Bureau provides speakers to clubs, businesses, schools, and other organizations in Southeast Wisconsin. Members of the UW-W faculty look forward to sharing their research and expertise with groups throughout our region. Our speakers offer presentations on a wide range of topics, from politics and history to technology and literature.

Request a UW-Whitewater speaker for your group or event today! 

UW-Whitewater does not charge a fee for speakers for one-time events, however some speakers may request a stipend. If revenue from your event would generally cover the cost of a speaker or if you seek a speaker or instructor for a more extended engagement please consider extending an honorarium to the speaker from our Bureau.

Visit our YouTube channel for videos of past presentations by UW-W speakers. 

Presentations by speakers from the UW-Whitewater Speakers Bureau are at the availability of the individual speakers. Content and views expressed by individual speakers are not necessarily those of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.