Continuing Education Workshops

Investigating Nature through Projects

This event has concluded.

CIGENRL 498 #1533 (section 01)

Instructor: Carmen Rivers


Throughout this web-based workshop, students will learn about and practice the stages of the Project Approach; an approach to teaching and learning that involves in-depth investigations of interesting, meaningful and relevant things in the lives of young children focusing in this course on the natural world.

Objectives: Students will:

  • understand the theory behind, benefits of and guidelines for facilitating project work
  • distinguish between teacher developed themes and project work
  • understand and practice each of the three stages of projects
  • observe and document the story of children’s learning
  • analyze potential learning benefits to the learners, in terms of standards met and dispositions nurtured

This workshop will be offered in a fully web-based three-week format; in both three credit and non-credit formats. During the three web-based weeks, ALL students will work toward the objectives outlined above. Those students interested in earning three UW-Whitewater credits are expected to facilitate and document a nature-based project with a group of young children over the summer; documenting all three stages of the process including the Project Approach Journal, critically reflecting about learning standards met and dispositions nurtured in children as well as reflecting about student's own learning and ways to improve their skills in facilitating projects will need to be submitted by 8/1/2014 for grading.

This web-based course can be taken either non-credit or for three undergraduate credits.


For Credit: Regular tuition applies for students wanting to earn UW-Whitewater credits. To get more information or register for credit, please contact Carrie Lencho (Outreach Program Manager) at or call 262-472-5208.

Non-Credit: The fee for taking this course non-credit is $300. To get more information or register non-credit, please contact Continuing Education Services at or call 262-472-3165.

If you have questions about the course itself please contact the instructor, Carmen Rivers at or call 262-472-1802.