Continuing Education Workshops

CLACS Summer Teacher Institute

Date:         July 6-8, 2015

Location:  UW-Milwaukee

Schedule:       See below or
                       download here

Essential Themes in Latin American History for Teaching World History

Monday, July 6th
Creating Colonial Society


8:30       Continental Breakfast

9:00       Welcome and Introductions

9:15       Questions of Conquest
              Seth Meisel,
              University of Wisconsin - Whitewater
              Primary Documents on the Conquest of Mexico

10:30     Comparative Perspectives: Peru
              Seth Meisel
              The Great Inca Rebellion (PBS, 2012)

10:45     Break

11:00     Atlantic Exchanges
              Seth Meisel
              Transatlantic Slave Trade Database

12:15     Lunch

1:15       Tira de Santa Catarina, Ixtepeji
              Aims McGuinness,
              University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

1:15       Michel Oudijk and Maarten Jansen, "Changing
              History in the Lienzos de Guevea and Santo               Domingo Petapa"

              Internet-Based Resource related to               Zapotecs and Oaxaca

2:30       Roundtable: Colonial society

3:15       Americas Award collection

3:45       Wrap up

Tuesday, July 7th
Nationhood and the Global Economy


8:30       Continental Breakfast

9:00       Integrating Latin America in World History
              Merry Wiesner-Hanks, University of Wisconsin -

10:00     Teaching AP World History in Latin America
              Tony Graziano, Lincoln School,
              Medellin, Colombia

10:45     Break

11:00     Nationalism, Motherhood, and Women's Rights
              in Brazil, Egypt, and Japan (1890s-1930s)

              Merry Wiesner-Hanks

12:00     Lunch

1:15       Panama and the Gold Rush
              Aims McGuinness, "Searching for Latin America:               Race and Sovereignty in the Americas in the               1850s"

              Internet-Based Resource related to Maps               as Sources for the Study of World History

2:30       Teaching AP World History in Latin America
              Tony Graziano
              Graziano Resources

2:30       Roundtable: Colonial society

3:30       Maps and World History

4:30       Closing Remarks

4:30       Optional Dinner
              Cempazuchi, 1205 E. Brady Street

Wednesday, July 8th
The Cold War in Latin America


10:45     Break

11:00     Decolonization: The Case of Puerto Rico
              Margaret Power

12:15     Lunch

1:15       Gender and the Cold War
              Margaret Power

2:30       CLACS resources for Latin America
              and World History

3:15       Closing Remarks

Additional Resources