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Graduation Process

Two semesters (9 months) before you plan to graduate:

  • Apply for graduation approximately nine months before your intended date of graduation.
  • Schedule a graduation review with your advisor to review the Graduation Checklist and your AAR. If anything is still bolded on your AAR, be sure you understand how to complete any remaining requirements. Remember, ultimately, you have the responsibility to meet all requirements.

NOTE: If you are repeating a course in your last two semesters, identify that course to your advisor. Some repeated courses may be counted twice on the AAR until later in the semester. This can affect your credit totals.

  • Follow-up on any courses substitutions or other changes to the AAR that have been approved by your Department. Check your AAR online and work with your department office.
  • Make sure that your address information is correct so that you will receive all important information from the graduation examiners. Read your mail and university email. Respond immediately to any requests for information.

Contact Deb Klocek, Laurentide 4108 ( with questions regarding graduation.

BSE students in secondary education should clear their university requirements and major requirements with their faculty advisor in L&S, but the degree clearance and ultimate graduation approval are done by the College of Education.

Enrollment deposits may be requested upon graduation from Student Financial Services. The form may be downloaded from their Financial Services website. Forms will be reviewed to make sure students qualify for a refund four to six weeks after the end of the semester. Students must keep their addresses current.