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Contact Information

Annie LaValley
Advising Coordinator
Phone: (262) 472-1550
Location: Laurentide 4111

Peggy Strong
Advising Program Assistant  
Phone: (262) 472-1550
Location: Laurentide 4116

Secondary Education Students

Bachelor of Science in Education (BSE)


If you are planning to teach in the secondary schools, you will be earning a BSE. After your Freshman year, you will be assigned two advisors. One advisor will be in your academic area and the other will be a licensure advisor in the College of Education. Although your major advisor will help you with questions and planning for the academic major, it is important that you also work with the College of Education to be certain that you are eligible for certification.

Professional Education

Admission to Professional Education requires that you meet a number of requirements. You can learn about these requirements at the College of Education Professional Education Orientation Meeting.


Visit the College of Education web site for the most current information on requirements and dates for the orientation sessions. You can also contact the College of Education Advising Assistance Center at 2003 Winther Hall, 472-1585.