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Jane Gottlick

  • Office Location: Laurentide Hall 5106
  • Phone: (262) 472-5768
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  • Department(s): Political Science


Ph.D., University of South Carolina, Political Science, 1996

     Subfields: Comparative Politics, International Relations

M.A., University of Illinois - Chicago, Political Science, 1991

B.A.; Hillsdale College (Michigan);  Political Science, History; 1989



Introduction to Comparative Politics

Global Perspectives (Political Science, Economics, Geography)

Model UN (United Nations)



"From the Ground Up: Women's Organization and Democratization in Russia" (in DEMOCRATIZATION AND WOMEN'S GRASSROOTS MOVEMENTS, eds. Jill Bystydzienski and Joti Sekhon)

Multiple Entries in the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF RUSSIAN WOMEN'S MOVEMENTS, eds. Norma Noonan and Carol Nechemias


About Me

I was trained as a Comparativist - someone whose research would focus on the (now former) Soviet Union. I am still interested in Russia, but my interests are considerably broader now. Having lived in a country experiencing hyperinflation and state collapse and social trauma (Russia in the early 1990s), I am interested in states and the people who call them home. I am interested in the way people organize their shared lives - political and economic and social - and in this thing we often hear called "development". Studying states is only more interesting in an age of globalization - and changes to identity and security and the way we think about economics and government. It's a great time for Political Science - for thinking about ideas and the consequences of our ideas - and policies.