Stephen Solheim
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Stephen Solheim

Stephen L. Solheim.1991. Plant Taxonomist, Conservation Biologist.


Ph.D., 1991, Botany, University of Wisconsin-Madison

UW-Whitewater herbarium curator

Associate Professor teaching Ecology and Society, Introduction to Ecology, Field Botany, Vegetation of Wisconsin, Plant Taxonomy, General Ecology, Conservation Biology, Biogeography

Research interests include taxonomy of plants in the Sterculiaceae (chocolate family), bog ecology, and forest conservation biology, especially the interactions between herbivores and forest regeneration. Fieldwork is conducted in Mexico, Central America and the Great Lakes region. Studies of rare plants of Wisconsin in two National Forests and concern for the future of these and other organisms ultimately led to the examination of forest management issues and the co-founding of the Wisconsin Forest Conservation Task Force. This group has, in conjunction with both Audubon and the Sierra Club, challenged prevailing management practices in the National Forests in an effort to protect forest biodiversity. This has led to a lawsuit against the Forest Service attempting to enforce the application of modern principles of conservation biology to land management. If successful, it is hoped that the precedent established by this suit can be used to strengthen the protection of biodiversity on all Federal lands.

Solheim, S.L., Waller, D.M., and Alverson, W.S. 1991. Inventory and monitoring in the Chequamegon National Forest. U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment. 30 pp.

Solheim, S.L. 1990. Extinction: an annotated bibliography. Contrib. Univ.Wis. Herb. 8: 1-8.

Alverson, W.S., Waller, D.M., and Solheim, S.L. 1988. Forests too deer: edge effects in northern Wisconsin. Conserv. Biol. 2: 348-358


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