College of Letters & Sciences
Dean's Office 4th Floor Laurentide

October 13, 2011 Agenda

  1. Approval of the September 29, 2011 Minutes
  2. Announcements
  3. Department of Mathematical and Computer Sciences – the proposals listed under Section #3 on the Agenda for September 29, 2011 will be formally considered and brought to a vote.  In response to the questions about the assessment plan for this new major, Prof. Jon Kane is providing the committee with a copy of the Authorization to Implement the CS Major document that will be submitted to UW-System and the Board of Regents.  Section 5.1 provides a detailed overview of the assessment plan for the new major.  The syllabus provided for the Scientific Computing course is being revised to conform with the required procedures for new course proposals.
  4. Department of Languages and Literatures
    1. New course ENGLISH 260 – American Environmental Literature
  5. Departments of Biological Sciences and Geography/Geology – please read this explanatory cover letter before reviewing the proposals.  For further details, refer to the Authorization to Implement the Environmental Science Major and its Appendix.
    1. Create new subject matter prefix ENVSCI
    2. New courses
      1. ENVSCI 200 – Introduction to Environmental Science
      2. ENVSCI 400 – Environmental Science Capstone
    3. New major Environmental Science