College of Letters & Sciences
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November 10, 2011 Agenda

  1. Approval of the October 13, 2011 minutes
  2. Announcements
  3. Asian Studies
    1. Change in Minor - Asian Studies Minor
  4. Chemistry Department
    1. New course proposal -CHEM 184 Introduction to Chemistry
    2. New submajor - Chemistry BA/BS - Biochemistry Emphasis
  5. Receive and Record
    1. Prerequisite change - PHYSCS 303 Microprocessor Laboratory
    2. Prerequisite change - PHYSCS 330 Analog and Digital Electronics
    3. Prerequisite change - PHYSCS 489 Physics Senior Seminar
    4. Prerequisite change - PHYSCS 493 Physics Cooperative Education
  6. Discussion items :
    1. New academic program development - what new programs (majors/minors/certificates) are currently being planned or contemplated by departments (including interdisciplinary programs)? What role(s) should the College Curriculum Committee play in the curricular development process?
    2. Defining "writing intensive" courses- the Writing Still Matters summer assessment committee made several recommendations to improve the quality of writing instruction and student writing outcomes on campus. One recommendation was to "define 'writing intensive' courses at the college or university level." As the report explained: "In the undergraduate course catalogue (p. 33), it is stated that "students must demonstrate writing proficiency in their major." The writing proficiency requirement is determined by the department of the major and "may be a course within the degree or major requirements, a specified course outside the major, or a writing sample evaluated by the faculty." Most departments have identified "writing intensive" courses in their majors. However, the committee recommends that clear criteria for classifying such courses as "writing intensive" should be established through a cross-university or cross-college discussion. The committee also recommends that all departments then use these criteria to reevaluate these courses, and the likelihood that students passing these courses have become competent writers." How does the CCC wish to respond to this recommendation?
    3. Departmental and/or college expectations for. upper-level courses - this was a discussion item last year. Does the CCC wish to continue discussion of this issue and/or to collect information from departments?