November 10, 2011 Minutes

    1. Call to Order. Committee Chairperson, Elizabeth Hachten called the meeting to order at 2:20 P.M. in White Hall 6c.
    2. Roll Call. Present:  Paul Adogamhe; Ellen Davis; Jolly Emrey; Paul Gregory; Elizabeth Hachten; Angela Harlan; Debra Heiber; Jeff Heinrich; Sarah Hessenauer Paul House; Emma Kuby; Pilar Melero; Natalie Lamkin; Elizabeth Olson; Steve Sahyun; Ellie Schemenauer; and Trudi Witonsky. Absent: David Cartwright; Eric Compas; Maryam Polley; and Alexandra Wiegel.
    3. Approval of the October 13, 2011 Minutes. House/Gregory moved to approve minutes as submitted

The motion passed unanimously.

    1. Announcements.
      1. Hachten announced that the next meeting will be December 1, 2011 and the deadline for proposals is November 23.
    2. Asian Studies. Schemenauer/Emrey moved to approve the following:
      1. Change in Minor – Asian Studies Minor.

The motion passed unanimously.

    1. Chemistry Department.
      1. House/Olson moved to approve the new course proposal – CHEM 184 Introduction to Chemistry
      1. House/Davis moved to approve the new submajor – Chemistry BA/BS – Biochemistry Emphasis with a friendly amendment by Sahyun/Harlan.

The motion passed unanimously.

The motion passed unanimously.

    1. Sahyun/Emery moved to receive and record the following:
      1. Prerequisite change - PHYSCS 303 Microprocessor Laboratory
      2. Prerequisite change - PHYSCS 330 Analog and Digital Electronics
      3. Prerequisite change - PHYSCS 489 Physics Senior Seminar
      4. Prerequisite change - PHYSCS 493 Physics Cooperative Education

The motion passed unanimously.

  1. Discussion Items:
    1. New academic program development. Committee members shared new programs being planned or contemplated by departments and discussed the role the Committee should play in the curricular development process of such programs. It was determined that Hachten will provide samples of recent individually designed major applications at a future meeting, forward the email from the Provost's office regarding a Winterim meeting to talk about new academic program development.
    2. Defining "writing intensive" courses. The group discussed the need to define 'writing intensive' courses at the college or university level and to have "clear criteria for classifying such courses as 'writing intensive'. It was suggested that faculty be surveyed to find out what courses are being used to 'teach' writing and continue the discussion and movement to define 'writing intensive'.
    3. Departmental and/or college expectations for upper-level courses. Issue tabled.
  2. The meeting adjourned at 3:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Natalie J.K. Lamkin, Acting Secretary


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