September 15, 2011 Minutes

September 15, 2011

  1. Call to Order. Committee Chairperson, Elizabeth Hachten called the meeting to order at 2:18 P.M. in White Hall 6c.
  2. Roll Call. Present:  Paul Adogamhe; David Cartwright; Eric Compas; Ellen Davis; Jolly Emrey; Paul Gregory; Elizabeth Hachten; Angela Harlan; Debra Heiber; Jeff Heinrich; Sarah Hessenauer; Paul House; Emma Kuby; Natalie Lamkin; Pilar Melero; Elizabeth Olson; and Ellie Schemenauer . Absent: Steve Sahyun and Trudi Witonsky.
  3. Approval of the April 28, 2011 Minutes. Cartwright/Davis moved to approve the meeting minutes with a typo correction (title document minutes, not agenda). Motion passed unanimously.
  4. Approval of the 2011-12 Curriculum Committee Guidelines. Schemenauer/Olson moved to approve the guidelines as submitted. Motion passed unanimously.
  5. Announcements
    1. Hachten announced upcoming catalog deadlines, and reported that a campus initiative is being undertaken to digitize signatures on curricular approval forms to speed up the approval process. Hachten asked if there were any departments willing to pilot the initiative and Harlan replied that Mathematical and Computer Sciences would.
  6. Agenda Amendment. Harlan/Emrey moved to amend the agenda to include a Receive and Record from the Mathematical and Computer Sciences department (Change in Licensure – Mathematics Secondary Education (BSE) Major). Motion passed unanimously.
  7. Melero/Schemenauer moved to approve the new sub-major Global Engagement Certificate. The motion passed unanimously.
  8. Melero/House moved to add a general education (GH) designation to LSINDP 100 “Foreign Film Appreciation”. The motion passed unanimously.
  9. Cartwright/Kuby moved to approve the course revision to PHILSPHY 247 “Bioethics”. The motion passed unanimously.
  10. Cartwright/Davis moved to approve a new course, LIBST 400 “Capstone in Liberal Studies” and changes to the following: Liberal Studies Major (BA/BS) – No minor; Liberal Studies Major (BA/BS) – With minor; and Liberal Studies Minor. The motion passed unanimously.
  11. Schemenauer/Compas moved to approve a new course, Women’s Studies  481 “Gender, Ethnicity, and the Environment”. The motion passed unanimously.
  12. Adogamhe/Olson moved to receive and record the following :
    1. Change in major- International Studies (BA/BS) – Foreign Lang and Area Studies Emphasis and Business Emphasis
    2. Change in major- International Studies (BA/BS) –  Economics Emphasis
    3. Change in major- International Studies (BA/BS) –  Public Diplomacy Emphasis
    4. Update International Studies Approved Courses List
    5. Change in major – delete PSYCH 424 from  Psychology Major (BA/BS)
    6. Change in major – clarify GPA requirement in Psychology Major (BA/BS) Psychological Sciences Graduate School Preparation Emphasis and Scientist-Practitioner Graduate School Preparation Emphasis
    7. Change in major – clarify GPA requirement and add PSYCH 498R as option in Psychology Major - Scientist-Practitioner Graduate School Preparation Emphasis
    8. Change in Licensure – Mathematics Secondary Education (BSE) Major.

      The motion passed unanimously.
  13. The meeting adjourned at 3:27 P.M. on a Kuby/House motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Natalie J.K. Lamkin, Acting Secretary


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