College of Letters & Sciences
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September 29, 2011 Minutes

September 29, 2011

    1. Call to Order. Committee Chairperson, Elizabeth Hachten called the meeting to order at 2:15 P.M. in White Hall 6c.
    2. Roll Call. Present: Paul Adogamhe; David Cartwright; Eric Compas; Ellen Davis; Jolly Emrey; Elizabeth Hachten; Angela Harlan; Jeff Heinrich; Paul House; Emma Kuby; Natalie Lamkin; Pilar Melero; Elizabeth Olson; Ellie Schemenauer; and Trudi Witonsky. Absent: Paul Gregory; Debra Heiber; Sarah Hessenauer; Pilar Melero; and Steve Sahyun.
    3. Approval of the September 15, 2011 minutes. Olson/Schemenauer moved to approve. Motion passed unanimously.
    4. Announcements.
      1. Hachten announced that a University Curriculum Committee will be held on Friday, September 30, 2011.
    5. The following new Mathematics and Computer Sciences courses, new majors, revisions to existing courses-prerequisite changes, course deletions, and changes to existing majors and minors were discussed:
      1. New courses:
        1. COMPSCI 347 Scientific Computing
        2. COMPSCI 451 Topics in Modern Applied Computing
        3. COMPSCI 476 Software Engineering
      2. New majors:
      3. Revisions to existing courses - prerequisite changes:
        1. COMPSCI 222 Intermediate C++
        2. COMPSCI 223 Advanced C++
        3. COMPSCI 271 Assembly Programming
        4. COMPSCI 302 Computer Logic
        5. COMPSCI 322 Computer Languages and Compilers
        6. COMPSCI 332 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
        8. COMPSCI 382 PERL and CGI Scripting
        9. COMPSCI 424 Operating Systems
        10. COMPSCI 433 Theory of Algorithms
      4. Course deletions:
        1. COMPSCI 443 Computer Simulation
        2. COMPSCI 445 Computer Modeling
      5. Changes to existing majors and minors:
        1. MATHEMATICS BA/BS - Pure Mathematics Emphasis
        2. MATHEMATICS BA/BS - Mathematics Statistics Emphasis
        3. MATHEMATICS BA/BS - Applied Mathematics Emphasis
        4. MATHEMATICS BA/BS - Computer Mathematics Emphasis
        5. Computer Science Minor
        6. Web Site Development and Administration Minor
        7. Actuarial Mathematics Minor

      No action taken—proposals will be resubmitted at a future meeting.

    1. Emrey/Cartwright moved to approve the following proposals suggesting friendly amendment to add the prerequisite language to include consent of instructor:
      1. New course - POLISCI 343 U.S. Environmental Politics and Policy
      2. Change in existing major - POLITICAL SCIENCE BA/BS MAJOR
      3. Change in existing major - POLITICAL SCIENCE BA/BS MAJOR - HONORS EMPHASIS
      4. Change in existing major - POLITICAL SCIENCE BSE MAJOR
      5. Change in existing minor - POLITICAL SCIENCE MINOR

      The motion passed unanimously.

    1. Adogamhe/House moved to receive and record the following:
      1. Change of prerequisite - PHYSCS 330 - Analog and Digital Electronics

      The motion passed unanimously.

  1. The meeting adjourned at 3:12 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Natalie J.K. Lamkin, Acting Secretary