October 18, 2012 Minutes

Present:  Eric Compas, Ellen Davis, Jolly Emrey, Paul Gregory, Chair Elizabeth Hachten, Angela Harlan, Debra Heiber, Pilar Melero, Ellie Schemenauer, Steve Sahyun, Matthew Winden, Trudi Witonsky.  Kim Knesting –Lund for Elizabeth Olson
Absent:  Paul Adogamhe, David Cartwright, Paul House, Molly Patterson. 
Excused: Sarah Hessenauer, Elizabeth Olson
Called to order at 2:20 p.m.

  1. The minutes of the October 4, 2012 were approved as distributed on a Emrey/Davis motion. The motion passed unanimously.
  2. Announcements:
    1. Liz Hachten discussed justifications of proposals and student learning outcomes.
    2. Please inform departmental colleagues that they should consult with Liz if they are uncertain about which forms to use.  Course revisions are especially troublesome as there are three possible forms to use (4A, 4R and 5).  Usually it is preferable to consolidate all course revision items onto one form.  Hopefully, the UCC will soon take up the task of revising the curricular forms.
    3. See attached email between the Chair of the Gen Ed Review Committee, Jeff Heinrich, and Greg Cook regarding new procedures for making any revisions to Gen Ed designated courses.  The GERC must formally be consulted whenever any change is made to a Gen Ed designated course.  The Chair pointed out that it is best to think of Gen Ed as a separate program that should be consulted when course revisions are made.  In addition, GERC approval or consultation should be completed before a proposal is added to the UCC agenda.  This policy will gradually be introduced and proposals for Fall 2013 will not be held up.  
    4.  d. Chair Hachten asked if any opposition to first address agenda item # 7 for Susan Huss- Lederman to present the new Intensive English Program (IEP), for information only.  No objections were heard.  Susan Huss-Lederman explained the program, discussion followed and the Committee offered feedback.
  3. Davis/Sahyun moved to approve Biology’s New Course – BIO 420 Biological Nanotechnology.  The motion passed unanimously.  Note: After the proposal was passed, the Registrar’s Office confirmed BIO 420 was already used and therefore changed this number to course to BIO 421.
  4. Gregory/Witonsky moved to approve the following History proposals:  
    1. Add Cross-listing-  HISTRY 130 with ASIANSTD 130 East Asian Tradition
    2. Add Cross-listing – HISTRY 131 with ASIANSTD 131 East Asia Since 1800
    3. Add Cross-listing – HISTRY 385 with ASIANSTD 385 Modern China
    4. Add cross-listing –  HISTRY 386 with ASIANSTD 386 Modern Japan
    The motion passed unanimously.
  5. Witonsky/Emrey moved to approve two Languages and Literatures – English proposals:
    1. New Course – ENGLISH 266 Gender in Film
    2. New Course – English Literature of Disability
    The motion passed unanimously.
  6. Pilar/Winden moved to approve the following five (5) Languages and Literatures – Spanish   proposals:
    1. Prerequisite change- SPANISH 322 Advanced Spanish Language Study
    2. Course Description, Pre-Req & Titles changes- SPANISH 331 Intro Literature Spain I
    3. Course Description, Pre-Req & Titles changes– SPANISH 332 Intro Literature Spain II
    4. Course Description, Pre-Req & Titles changes – SPANISH 333 Intro Lit Latin America I
    5. Course Description, Pre-Req & Titles changes – SPANISH 334 Intro Lit Latin America II
    The motion passed unanimously.
  7. Emrey withdrew Political Science proposals to add student outcomes.
  8. Old Business: To be held over for future agenda
    1. Discussion items from April 26, 2012 CCC meeting
      1. Preliminary report from the sub-committee looking at writing intensive courses
      2. Possible guidelines for determining level for new course
  9. The meeting adjourned at 4:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,
Joan Fox-Drake, Secretary


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