College of Letters & Sciences
Dean's Office 4th Floor Laurentide

October 4, 2012 Minutes

Present:  Paul Adogamhe, David Cartwright, Ellen Davis, Jolly Emery, Paul Gregory, Chair Elizabeth Hachten, Angela Harlan, Debra Heiber, Paul House, Elizabeth Olson, Molly Patterson, Ellie Schemenauer, Matthew Winden, Steve Sahyun.  Absent: Eric Compas, Sarah Hessenauer, Pilar Melero, Trudi Witonsky.  Called to order at 2:20 p.m.

  1. The minutes of the September 6, 2012 were approved as distributed on a Davis/House motion. The motion passed unanimously.
  2. Announcements:  Liz Hachten reminded to always check with the Registrar’s Office to see if a course   number is available to use.
  3. House/Cartwright moved to approve two Chemistry proposals:
    1. CHEM 270 Introductory Green Chemistry
    2. CHEM 271 Green Chemistry Laboratory

    Discussion followed with questions regarding electives for Chemistry Majors, Pre-Reqs for Safety Majors and the status of the request for new staffing for green chemistry. House/Cartwright withdrew the motion.
  4. Harlan/Jolly moved to approve the following Computer Science and Math proposals:
    1.  Title change – COMPSCI 172 to Introduction to Java
    2.  Course Revision –COMPSCI 271 Assembly Programming
    3.  Course Deletion – COMPSCI 302 Computer Logic
    4.  Title Change – COMPSCI 382 to CGI Scripting
    5.  Course Revision- COMPSCI 412 Computer Organization and Systems Programming
    6.  Title Change – COMPSCI 451 to Topics in Applied Computing
    7.  Course Description – COMPSCI 482 Web Database Development
    8.  Prerequisite change – MATH 352 Infinite Processes for Elementary Teachers
    9. Change in minor – Mathematics Minor

    Harlan will seek a formal consultation regarding item 4C. Course Deletion – CompSci 302 Computer Logic.  Harlan/Jolly amended the motion to approve all items except C.   The motion passed unanimously.  
  5. Jolly/Gregory moved to approve the following new Political Science submajor (emphasis/track) Political Science – Legal Studies Emphasis (BA/BS).  The motion passed unanimously.
  6. Gregory shared information regarding a new course – SOCIOLOGY 475 – Criminal Theory and the Intent to plan new major – Criminology major (BA/BS).   
  7. Consultation requested (Lauren Smith) – New Spring 2014 course proposal from Continuing Education – INTRAUNV 300 Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio Course.  This is currently a grant supported course.  Discussion followed, with many members relaying their positive experiences with the PLA process.
  8. The meeting adjourned at 3:40 p.m. on a Sahyun/Adogamhe motion.

Respectfully Submitted,

Joan Fox-Drake, Secretary