November 1, 2012 Minutes

Present:  Eric Compas, Ellen Davis, Jolly Emrey, Paul Gregory, Chair Elizabeth Hachten, Angela Harlan, Debra Heiber, Ellie Schemenauer, Steve Sahyun, Matthew Winden, Trudi Witonsky, Elizabeth Olson, Paul Adogamhe, David Cartwright, Paul House, Molly Patterson, Eric Compas

Guests:  Larry Neuman (Phil) and Janine Tobeck (L&L)

The meeting was called to order at 2:20 p.m. 

  1. The minutes of the October 18, 2012 were approved as distributed on an Emrey/Davis motion. The motion passed unanimously.
  2. Announcements:
    1. The chair noted that the Political Science proposals from the October 18 meeting were inadvertently left off the agenda.  Emrey/House moved  to amend the agenda to add these four proposals.  The motion passed unanimously. 
    2. Liz Hachten recommended a reordering of agenda items to accommodate the schedules of guests.  Hearing no objections from committee members, she directed to move the proposals from Languages and Literatures (Professional Writing and Publishing) and from Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice to the top of the agenda.   (At this point, all members left the building for a fire drill )
    3. Liz Hachten removed agenda item #11: College of Letters and Sciences, New Pre-Professional Program –Pre-Physical Therapy.  The Proposal was not ready to present.
  3. Tobeck/Winden moved to approve the following proposals for the Dept of  Languages & Literatures,  Professional Writing and Publishing submajor:
    1. New course ENG 362 Grammar of Standard Written English
    2. New course ENG 364 Style: Principles and Practices
    3. New course ENG 366 Topics in Professional Writing
    4. Prerequisite change ENG 330 Manuscript Editing
    5. Title change ENG 372/572 Technical Writing
    6. Prereq/title change ENG 430 Book Editing
    7. Course description ENG 430 Book Editing
    8. Prereq/title change ENG 436 Topics in Technical Writing
    9. Course revision ENG 436 Topics in Technical Writing
    10. Change in submajor Professional Writing and Publishing (BA/BS)
    11. Change in minor Professional Writing and Publishing (BA/BS)
    12. Change in certificate Professional Writing and Publishing (BA/BS)

    After discussion, T. Witonsky/Widen amended the original motion to remove one proposal Title Change ENG 372/572 Technical Writing from consideration. 

    The amended motion passed unanimously.

  4. Gregory/Hessenhauer moved to approve two proposals from Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice Department:  
    1. New Course - Sociology 375 Restorative Justice
    2. New Course – Sociology 475 Criminological Theory

    The motion passed unanimously.

  5. Gregory/Emrey moved to approve the following proposals from Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice and Political Science:
    1. New Certificate Program – Disability Studies
    2. New course – POLI SCI 331 U.S. Disability Politics and Policy

    Motion passed unanimously.   

  6. Gregory/House moved to approve the remaining  proposals from Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice Department:
    1. Change in Major  Japanese Studies Major (BA/BS)
    2. Change in Minor Asian Studies Minor (BA/BS)
    3. New Minor  Japanese Studies Minor (BA/BS)

    Motion passed unanimously.    

  7. Davis/Sahyun moved to approve the following proposals from the Biology Department:    
    1. Prereq/description change BIOLOGY 225-Science of Forensic Analysis
    2. Pre-requisite Change BIOLOGY 494/694 – Seminar
    3. Changes in Existing Course BIOLOGY 498 – Independent Study
    4. Changes in Existing Course BIOLOGY 498R – Independent Study Undergraduate Research
    5. Change in Submajor – BIOLOGY- Cell/Physiology
    6. Change in Submajor- BIOLOGY - Early Entrance Pre-Professional
    7. Change in Submajor – BIOLOGY –Ecology/Field
    8.  Change in Submajor – BIOLOGY – Honors

    The motion passed unanimously.

  8. House/Schemenauer moved to approve the following Chemistry proposals:
    1. New course CHEM 270 Introduction to Green Chemistry
    2. New course CHEM 271 Green Chemistry Laboratory
    3. Change in major Chemistry – Liberal Arts (BA/BS)
    4. Change in major Chemistry – Professional ACS Approved (BA/BS)
    5. Change in major Chemistry – Biochemistry emphasis (BA/BS)
    6. Change in major Chemistry – Honors emphasis (BA/BS)

    The motion passed unanimously.

  9.  Harlan/Olson moved to approve the following Computer Science/Math proposal:
    1. Course Deletion – COMPSCI 302 – Computer Logic & Microprocessors

    The motion passed unanimously.

  10. Compas/Emrey moved to first approve the following proposals from the Geography and Geology Department:
    1. New Course – GEOGRPHY 477 – Advanced Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    2. Course Revision – GEOGRPHY 290 – Spatial Analysis
    3. Change in Certificate Program – GIS Certificate (BA/BS)
    4. Change in Major – Geography Urban/Suburban (BA/BS)
    5. Change in Major – Geography Geology Emphasis (BA/BS)
    6. Change in Major – Geography Quantitative/Technique (BA/BS)
    7.  Change in Major –Geography General (BA/BS)
    8. Change in Minor – Geography Elementary Education Emphasis
    9. Change in Minor – GEOLOGY  Minor
    10. Change in Minor – Geographic Information Systems Minor
    11. Change in Major – Geography Physical/Environmental

    After discussion, Compas/Emrey amended their original motion to add MATH 141 as a prerequisite to the Course Revision, - Geography 290 - Spatial Analysis.
    The amended motion passed unanimously.

  11.  Compass/Emrey moved approve the following proposals from the Geography and Geology Department:
    1. Change in Major – Environmental Science – Resource Management Track (BS)
    2. Change in Minor –  Environmental Studies Minor

    The motion passed unanimously.

  12. Witonsky/Schemenauer moved to approve the following Languages & Literatures proposals creating an Intensive English Program:
    1. New course – English 051 Beginning Listening and Conversation
    2. New Course – English 053 Beginning Reading and Writing
    3. New Course – English 055 Beginning Grammar
    4. New Course – English 061 Integrated Academic English Skills 2
    5. New Course – English 063 Academic Vocabulary Development
    6. New Course – English 065 Culture and Academic Conversations
    7. New Course – English 069 Special Topic
    8. New course – English 071 Integrated Academic English Skills 3
    9. New Course – English 073 Oral Presentation Skills
    10. New Course - English 075 -  Advanced Pronunciation and Speech Skills
    11. New Course – English 079 Special Topic
    12. Change in Existing Course – English 161 Advanced Academic Reading in ESL International Students
    13. Change in Existing Course -  English 162 College Writing in English as a Second Language
    14. New Course –English 163  Introduction to U.S. Culture for International Students
    15. New Course – English 164 Special Topics

    The motion passed unanimously.

  13. Harlan/Davis moved to approve the following Political Science proposals:
    1. Change in Major – Political Science Honors Emphasis BA/BS
    2.  Change in Major – Political Science BA/BS
    3. Change in Major – Political Science Education BSE
    4. Change in Minor – Political Science

    The motion passed unanimously.

  14. The meeting was adjourned at 3:37 p.m. on a House/Hessenauer motion.


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