November 15, 2012 Minutes

Present:  David Cartwright, Eric Compas, Ellen Davis, Jolly Emrey,   Chair Elizabeth Hachten, Angela Harlan, Sarah Hessenauer, Paul House, Pilar Melero, Kim Knesting-Lund for Elizabeth Olson, Molly Patterson, Steve Sahyun, Trudi Witonsky.   Excused:  Ellie Schemenauer, Matt Winden. 

  1. The minutes of the November 1, 2012 were approved as distributed on a Davis/House motion.
    The motion passed unanimously
  2. 2.  Announcements: 
    1. Liz Hachten asked if someone could attend the November 16 UCC meeting for Jolly Emrey who is unable to attend.  Paul House graciously volunteered.  
    2. Liz Hachten also reminded everyone that proposals will be due 11/28/12 for the 12/6/12 meeting.
    3. Bloom’s Taxonomy Action Verbs sheet was distributed.  This may be helpful to faculty who need to articulate student learning objectives for new courses and/or programs.
  3. Discussion items from April 26, 2012 CCC meeting.
    1. Writing intensive guidelines were discussed.  Committee members provided feedback on the preliminary report and described how their departments are implementing curricular and/or pedagogical initiatives to improve student writing in the disciplines.   The sub-committee on writing intensive courses will make revisions in the report and bring it back to the committee for potential action and dissemination.
    2. Discussion of potential guidelines for upper level courses was tabled until next meeting.
  4. 4.  The meeting was adjourned at 3:36 p.m. on a House/Sahyun motion.


Respectfully submitted,
Joan Fox-Drake,


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