December 6, 2012 Minutes

Call to Order. Committee Chairperson Elizabeth Hachten called the meeting to order at 2:20 P.M. in Laurentide 4012.

Present: Paul Adogamhe;  Ellen Davis; Jolly Emrey; Paul Gregory;  Chair  Elizabeth Hachten; Angela Harlan; Debra Heiber; Sarah Hessenauer; Paul House;  Elizabeth Olson; Molly Patterson, Steve Sahyun, Ellie Schemenauer, Matt  Winden, Trudi Witonsky, Joan Fox-Drake. Absent: Eric Compas.

  1. Approval of the November 15, 2012 Minutes. Emrey/Harlan motion to approve minutes as submitted.   Motion passed unanimously.
  2. Announcements
    1. Witonsky moved/Patterson seconded to amend the agenda to add three (3) proposals from the Languages and Literatures Department:  
      Change in Minor - Spanish Education Minor
      Change in Minor - German Education Minor
      Change in Minor – French Education Minor
      Amendment Unanimously approved.
    2. Chair Hachten announced Bloom’s Taxonomy Action Verbs will be posted on the L&S Curriculum website soon.
    3. Chair Hachten discussed cross-college proposals, referencing the department/college  procedures in the Curriculum Handbook on  pg 9B. “All sponsors should sign on sponsor line if the degree/program/course is sponsored by more than one department. For approval of cross-college programs/courses, the proposals must go through BOTH colleges; therefore, two signature pages may be needed – one for each college”.  Examples of this include majors for Secondary Education BSE students or any Minors with “Education” in the Program Title.  Such proposals will need to pass both the L&S and the COEPS Curriculum Committees.

      Chair Hachten also pointed out that the requirement for a consultation with other “interested” departments is much broader and will be enforced whenever a new, revised, or deleted program or course impacts another department directly or indirectly.  (For example, the Physics department may propose to add a new course to their curriculum; a consultation would be required if the new course included a Math class as a pre-requisite.)  See page 7 of the Curriculum Handbook for full details regarding the consultation process.  And note that the Gen Ed Review Committee, currently chaired by Jeff Heinrich, must be consulted regarding any changes to General Education courses (including, but not limited to, Gen Ed electives)  Changes to Diversity designated courses must be reviewed by the Diversity Committee, currently chaired by Tanya Kam.
    4. Dates to remember:
      The next CCC meeting is Thursday, January 31, 2013.
      The CCC deadline meeting for Spring 2014 new courses/programs will occur on March 14; proposals for that meeting must be submitted by March 6. 
  3. Winden moved/Witonsky seconded to approve the following Economics proposal:
    1. Change in Major – Economics BA/BS.  The motion passed unanimously.
  4. Witonsky/Winden moved to approve proposals 4A through 4D for Languages and Literatures.
    1. Change in Major – English BA/BS
    2. Change in Major - English BSE
    3. Change in Minor – English Education Emphasis
    4. Change in Minor – English
    Discussion followed. Witonsky/Winden moved to amend motion to approve 4A-4D contingent upon adding clarification regarding the rationale for dropping some required courses from the revised curriculum.  Motion as amended passed unanimously.
    Sayhun moved/Schemenauer seconded to approve proposals 4E-4G from Foreign Languages (which were added to the agenda through amendment as noted above):
    1. Change in Minor- Spanish Education Minor BSE
    2. Change in Minor – German Education Minor BSE
    3. Change in Minor – French Education Minor BSE
    Motion passed unanimously. Chair Hachten noted that the Committee should consider making similar changes to other minors designed for Education minors.. 
  5. Math/Comp Science – For Information Only
    1. Deletion of Major – Management Computer Systems BS.  The item is on the UCC agenda for tomorrow, Dec 7 due to routing issues through the proper channels. 
  6. Emrey moved/Gregory seconded to approve the following Political Science proposals for     Spring 2014.
    1. New Course- Political Science 410 Ancient and Medieval Political Thought:    Greek, Roman, Christian
    2. Change in Major - Political Science BA/BS
    3. Change in Major-  Political Science BSE
    4. Change in Major-  Political Science Honors Emphasis BA/BS
    5. Change in Minor - Political Science
    Motion passed unanimously.
  7. Gregory moved/Patterson seconded the following Sociology proposals:
    1. Change in Minor – Sociology Minor BA/BS
    During discussion of the proposal, committee members offered alternative wording to make the AR format for the minor clearer.  Emrey/Gregory moved to amend the motion to allow for those changes.  Motion passed unanimously. 
  8. Schemenauer moved/Hessenauer seconded the following Women’s Studies/Race & Ethnic Cultures proposal:
    1. Change in Minor – Gender and Ethnic Studies
    The History department is to be consulted.  Motion passed unanimously.
  9. Old Business:
    1. Discussion of potential guidelines for upper level courses.  Discussion followed.   Beth Olson to work with Liz Hachten on editing the guidelines. 


       Meeting adjourned at 3:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Joan Fox-Drake,
L&S Curriculum Secretary


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