March 21, 2013 Agenda


The Committee will meet THURSDAY, March 21, 2013 at 2:15 PM in LT 4120

1.      Approval of February 28, 2013 Minutes (To hand out at meeting) 

2.      Announcements

             a. Special Courses

Course #

Title Proposer Term Approved
Special Study 496 Community-Based Learning SOCIAL WORK Fall 2013 3/5/13

3.      Biology

a.      Pre-Req Change- BIOLOGY 141 Introductory Biology I

b.      Pre-Req Change - BIOLOGY 142 Introductory Biology II

c.       Pre-Req Change - BIOLOGY 251 Introduction to Genetics

4.      Geography and Geology

a.      Deletion of Submajor-Social Studies Broadfield-Geography II Emphasis BSE

b.      Course Deletion - GEOGRPHY 363 Geography of South America

c.       Course Revision - GEOGRPHY 365 Geography of Middle America

d.      Title Change - GEOGRPHY 455 Advanced Topics in Human Geography   

5.      Math and Computer Science

a.      New Course- COMPSCI 460 Computer Science

b.      New Course- COMPSCI 461  Mobile Computing Architecture

c.      New Course-  COMPSCI 462 Network Security

d.      New Course-  COMPSCI 485  Project

e.      Pre-Req Change- COMPSCI 172 Introduction to Java

f.       Pre-Req Change- COMPSCI 174 Introduction to C++

g.      New Course- MATH  421 Math for High School Teachers

h.      New Course- MATH 422/622 Math for High School Teachers II    

i.       Change in Submajor- BS Mathematics, Secondary Education Emphasis  

6.      Political Science

a.      New Course - Political Science 422 Religion and American Politics

b.      Change in Major - BA/BS Political Science

c.       Change in Major - BSE Political Science Education

d.      Change in Major - BA/BS Political Science Honors Emphasis

e.      Change in Minor - Political Science  

7.      Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice

a.      New Major - Major in Criminology  BA/BS

b.      New Minor - Minor in Criminology

c.      Deletion of Minor - Minor in Criminal Justice

d.      Change in Major - BA/BS Sociology

e.      Change in Minor - BA/BS Sociology

f.       Title Change - SOCIOLGY 319 Introduction to Environmental Sociology

g.      Diversity Option -  SOCIOLOGY 375 Restorative Justice   

8.      Women's Studies

a.       Certificate Program - Diversity Leadership Certificate  

9.      Old Business  

10.      Adjournment


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