March 20, 2014 Agenda

The Committee will meet THURSDAY, March 20, 2014 at 2:15 PM
Dean's Conference Room, LT 4120

1. Approval of March 6, 2014 Minutes

2. Announcements

3. College of L&S Interdisciplinary

a. New Minor - Middle East Studies

b. Change in Minor - Peace and Justice Studies

c. Add Cross listings - PAX 200 Introduction to Peace & Justice

d. Pre-Req Change - PAX 488 Special Topics in Peace and Justice (capstone)

4. Biology

a. Contact Hour Change/Credit Change - BIOLOGY 430 Animal Behavior

5. Languages & Literature

a.New Course - ENGLISH 325 Literature from the Middle East

b. Change in Major - Add English 325 (above)

c. Change in Minor - Add English 325 (above)

6. Math and Computer Science

a. Administrative Action: Separate Math & Computer Science


b. New Submajor: Emphasis/Track - Computer Science Major - Comprehensive Emphasis

c. Administrative Action - Computer Science Major -General Emphasis

d. Change in Major - Computer Science

e. Change in Minor - Computer Science

f. New Course - COMPSCI 366 Intro to Data Design and Development

g. Change in Minor - Web Site Development and Administration Minor



h. New Course - MATH 450/650 Graph Theory

i. Pre-Req Change - MATH 352 Infinite Processes for the Elementary Teacher

j. Pre-Req Change - MATH 370 Problem Solving for the Elementary Teacher

k. Pre-Req Change - MATH 375 Development of Mathematics

l. Pre-Req Change - MATH 415 Modern Algebra and Number Theory for the Elementary Teacher

m. Pre-Req Change - MATH 416 Geometry for the Elementary Teacher

n. Pre-Req Change - MATH 442 Mathematical Statistics

o. Multiple Changes in Existing Course - MATH 446/646 Actuarial Mathematics

p. Change in Minor - Mathematics: Elementary Education Emphasis

q. Change in Submajor - Mathematics Statistics Emphasis

r. Administrative Action - Use UW Math Placement Test for Incoming Freshman

s. Administrative Action - To be provided at meeting

7. Philosophy & Religious Studies

a. New Course - RELIGST 222 Introduction to Judaism

8. Physics

a.Changes in Existing Course - PHYSCS 310 Mechanics-Dynamics

b. Changes in Existing Course - PHYSCS 364 Thermal Physics

9. Social Work

a. Change in Minor - Human Services Foundation Minor

10. Sociology, Criminology & Anthropology

a. New Course - SOCIOLGY 394 Minority & Multiracial Families

b. Change in Minor - Asian Studies Minor

c. Change in Minor - Family Health and Disability Studies Minor

d. Change in Name of Minor - Family & Health Studies Minor

e. Add Cross-listing - SOCIOLGY 375 Restorative Justice

11. Women's and Gender Studies

a. New Course - WOMENST 351 Violence Against Women

b. Change in Major - Women's Studies

c. Change in Minor - Women's Studies

12. Old Business

13. Adjournment


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