College of Letters & Sciences
Dean's Office 4th Floor Laurentide

April 10, 2014 Minutes

College of Letters and Sciences
Meeting of April 10, 2014

Voting Members present: David Cartwright, Ellen Davis, Ted Gimbel, Angela Harlan, Sarah Hessenauer,Paul House, Donald Jellerson, Elizabeth Olson, Manuel Ossers, Adam Paddock, Steve Sahyun, Matt Winden. Non-voting Members present: Elizabeth Hachten, Chair; Deb Heiber, Advising; Joan Fox-Drake, Secretary

Absent: Paul Adogamhe, Paul Gregory, Margo Kleinfeld, Ellie Schemenauer
Guest: Susan Johnson

The meeting was called to order at 2:16 p.m. in LT 4120, Dean's Conference Room.

1. Approval of March 20, 2014 Minutes (handout at meeting). Ossers/Jellerson moved. Motion passed unanimously.

2. Announcements
a. Draft of 2014-2015 Curricular Schedule reviewed. Revisions are to be made.
b. CCC Meetings will start at 2 pm in the next academic year. This is due to the new scheduling times for classes.
c. Courseleaf will be rolled out in Fall 2014 tandem with the existing paper procedures.
d. Please check the red notations on the UCC agenda for April 11.
e. Chair Hachten reviewed outstanding curriculum proposals.
f. Angela Harlan shared information from the Curriculum Procedures Handbook regarding consultations and the approval/disapproval terminology.

3. Languages and Literatures
a. Change in Minor - English Minor

b. Change in Minor - English Writing Minor

Jellerson/Winden moved 3a and 3b. Motion passed unanimously

4. Discussion Item
a. Update on Minors and approval process for COEPS minors

Deb Heiber provided handout showing examples of minors for BA/BS students vs. Education minors for BSE students. The history of those Education minors is linked to DPI requirements that are no longer in place. However, we still enforce the distinction in minors and do not allow BA/BS students to declare the Education minors. Should BA/BS degree seeking students be able to take Education minors? Discuss with your departments/share by email (does not include Social Work, Women's Studies, etc.).

Deb Heiber also provided a handout regarding the Leadership and Military Science Minor. Discussion included the history of this Minor with the College of L&S; the academic preparation of instructors; Leadership courses are specific to civilian or Army or Air Force Military Leadership; veterans issue of getting the courses completed in commission timeframe and efficiently; 300-400 level courses. Deb Heiber to get clarification on questions such as the commission timeframes and instructor qualifications.

5. Old Business
a. Cross-Listing's such as FILM 320 as COMM 320. Liz is to show Jodi Hare.
b. Reminder that the Pdf Course Catalog is not kept up to date. The 2014-2016 Catalog will be released next year (?).

6. Meeting Adjournment at 3:28 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Joan Fox-Drake, Secretary