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Contact Information

John Ejnik
Department Chair & Associate Professor 
Phone: 262-472-1083
Location: Upham Hall 220A
Julia Rowehl
Academic Department Associate
Phone: 262-472-1070
Location: Upham Hall 220

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Chemistry, as a member of the College of Letters & Sciences, is to:

  • Create an environment that supports learning and research;
  • Improve student's ability to analyze problems and develop appropriate solutions;
  • Establish and maintain a community of scholars and students who aspire to high standards of achievement; and
  • Model in ourselves and encourage in our students the ideas of civic responsibility and engagement, as well as personal and professional integrity.

As a science department, we regard our mission to include:

  • Teaching students systematic methods for evaluating evidence and information by helping them to build and test scientific hypotheses and theories;
  • Fostering students' critical thinking skills such as drawing conclusions, inferring relationships, solving problems, and making predictions about the natural world; and
  • Improving science literacy for student citizens, consistent with the philosophy of liberal studies.

As a department of chemistry, we are committed to providing:

  • A rigorous, effective, and up-to-date curriculum for chemistry majors and minors, with depth of study for those students who desire to pursue advanced study in or a career related to chemistry or science education;
  • Effective and engaging courses for students who choose to take chemistry courses as either part of the breadth of a liberal arts education or whose majors or career goals require them;
  • A safe, relevant laboratory environment for practical exploration of chemical principles, methods, and techniques;
  • Relevant educational experiences in the chemical sciences through public outreach with emphasis on the UW-Whitewater service area;
  • Hands-on learning experiences in all areas of the curriculum which include the partnership of students, faculty, and staff in research and other scholarly activities;
  • Well-informed and accurate academic advising through supportive and constructive advising sessions;
  • A well-maintained collection of state-of-the-art instruments for student, faculty, and staff use;
  • Opportunities tied to environmental sustainability as part of both our curriculum and our research endeavors in order to emphasize responsible citizenry to the global community.
  • Support for the development of faculty and staff teaching innovations and research interests;
  • A strong disciplinary identity, in part by maintaining accreditation with the American Chemical Society while providing opportunities for interdisciplinary study and research through collaborations with other disciplines and departments.

Nanoscience Symposium

Nanoscience Symposium

2nd UW-W Nanoscience Symposium: Year of the Atomic Force Microscope

Nanoscience is the big science of small things. One of the pioneers of nanoscience, Richard Feynman, said: "There is plenty of room at the bottom".

The 2nd UW-W Nanoscience Symposium: Year of the Atomic Force Microscope will be held on Friday, October 14, 2011 in Upham Hall at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.