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Computer Science

Contact Information

Jiazhen Zhou 
Graduate Program Coordinator & Associate Professor
Phone: 262-472-5172
Location: McGraw 104c 
Sue Roberts
Academic Dept Associate
Phone: 262-472-1666
Location: McGraw 104

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the application instruction page.  Note after you fill the UW-System application form (online), you and your references need to email additional materials to the school of graduate studies. International students need to submit more materials. 

The reference letters should be emailed to school of graduate studies at Either the applicants or the references could submit the reference letters.

The GRE test is optional.  It is not required to be considered for admittance to the program.

There are three major types of financial assistantships: Graduate Assistantship, Financial Aid, and Excellence Scholarship (for out of state applicants only). Details can be found in the Affodability tab. 

A graduate assistantship provides valuable experience along with financial aid.  Awardees are normally working 15 hours/week as research assistants , instructional assistants, or other service needed by the department and the graduate program. 

Most full-time students take 16 months to complete the 30-credits program.

Students enrolled in the 4+1 option could finish it in 12 months after obtaining their Bachelor degree.

Career-changing students often needs to take 2 more semesters. But they still could finish the whole program within 24 months if it is well planned - for example, start taking the programming courses in the summer.

Almost all  of our courses are offered during the evning time  (5:00 - 7:30 PM) so that working professionals can take the courses without affecting their jobs.

Those who are interested with Cybersecurity emphasis could take those emphasis courses online. For those students who take 3 graduate courses as UWW undergraduate students, they could complete remained coursework all online  even if they are working far away from Whitewater if they have planned well.

Some courses could be taken remotely through the HyFlex technique; the Cybersecurity related courses are offered online; and summer courses often provide online options. Please contact the program coordinator to check the possible path for you.

You are welcome to contact the program coordinator or the department associate.