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Jiazhen Zhou 
Graduate Program Coordinator & Associate Professor
Phone: 262-472-5172
Location: McGraw 104c 
Sue Roberts
Academic Dept Associate
Phone: 262-472-1666
Location: McGraw 104


It is now possible to earn credit (COMPSCI 493) while working outside the university. Below are links to the Internship Policy document and the Permission to Enroll form:

Internship Policy
Permission to Enroll Form

Links to Potential Internship Opportunities

DHS - Cybersecurity

The Branch Chief for Cybersecrity Education and Awareness for the Department of Homeland Security visited UW-W May 2, 2017 to present opportunities available to anyone wanting to learn more about intelligence. Internships are just one of those opportunities. Find out more at

Tyler Holmes

After completing his internship with Quad/Graphics, Tyler Holmes was hired for a full time position with them as a Software Developer. When he was an undergraduate at UW-W, he completed research on Binary Hashing with Professor Mukherjee (photo above from 2014 UG Research Day).