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Pursue Your Dreams With A Computer Science Degree

The Computer Science major at UW-Whitewater complements a robust technological presence on campus, which includes programs in Information Technology and Media Arts & Game Development. The major is geared toward students who want to pursue careers in software engineering, commercial software production, systems programming, Web development, and network, database, or computer design. 

What a computer science major has to offer

If you are interested in creatively designing and developing database applications, networking techniques, artificial intelligence tools, software engineering solutions with affordable tuition, small class sizes, and supportive faculty, you have come to the right place. We are home to Computer Science graduate students, undergraduate students; Computer Science, Multimedia Art and Game Development technology emphasis, Web development, Bioinformatics and Data Science minors. We are proud of our faculty who work tirelessly in cutting-edge research areas to provide a wide range of courses and opportunities outside classroom for our students.

Program Choice

The Computer Science program offers three emphases: Comprehensive emphasis, General emphasis, and Applied Computing emphasis. The General emphasis is targeted toward students who want to combine their study of computer science with a minor or second major in another area of study. Students who choose the Comprehensive emphasis are not required to complete a minor or second major; instead, they complete additional coursework in computer science, mathematics, natural science, and ethics. The Applied Computing emphasis is designed for students who have obtained an associate degree in Information Technology and related areas from a technical college that have articulation agreements with the Computer Science program at UW-Whitewater.  The program also offers a Computer Science minor.

Computer science


Computer science

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