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International Studies

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Jolly Emery 
Department Chair & Associate Professor & Prelaw Advisor
Phone: 262-472-1124
Location: Laurentide Hall 5130
Peggy Blum 
Academic Department Associate
Phone: 262-472-1120
Location: Laurentide Hall 5128

International Studies

The International Studies major is an interdisciplinary program, which combines a broad core curriculum with one of four emphases: foreign language and area studies, business, public diplomacy, and international economics. It includes a study abroad requirement and internship opportunities. Students have the opportunity to personalize their course of study. A minor is not required.

International Studies Major Curriculum 

International Studies Minor Curriculum

Letter from the Coordinator 

I am pleased to report that Dr. Jonathan Burkham (Geography) will be taking over the position of International Studies Coordinator when I retire in 2019. Dr. Burkham has extensive experience in Latin America and Africa, has taught the IS capstone seminar, and is currently serving as chair of the L&S International Education Committee. While I am happy to be turning the program to someone who will bring a new vision and a lot of energy, I will miss teaching and, especially, the many advisees I have had the privilege of getting to know and mentor along the way.

See the article entitled "Lessons Learned - Seasoned Travellers Make Mistakes, Too!" I thought that you all might benefit from hearing about the mess I got myself into in Vietnam by letting my guard down.   Best wishes to all of you!- Anne Hamilton