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Margo Kleinfeld
Department Chair & Associate Professor
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Location: Upham Hall 120A
Jeff Olson
Master Adviser & Associate Professor
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Patricia Filipiak
Department Associate
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An internship is an opportunity for students to gain experience while being supervised by a professional in their career field before graduating from college. It gives students a chance to apply what they have learned in their college career while trying out a new job without having to make a permanent commitment.

Internships can be paid or can be unpaid jobs and many times an internship position can be turned into a full time position with the company. Although an internship is not required for Geography/Geology majors here at UW-Whitewater it is suggested because employers look for people who have as much knowledge and experience as possible. Students who have had an internship are more marketable when they apply for jobs.

If you want to do a more comprehensive or current search, try one of these sites:,com_jobline/

Do you want credit for your internship? Take this class!!

Students will be placed in an outside private or governmental agency where they will utilize geographic techniques in approaching practical problems relevant to the mission of the agency. An on-campus seminar with fellow interns and the supervisory instructor is required.
Prereq: Students with a major or minor program emphasis in geography must have completed a minimum of 14 units in geography and have the consent of the intern committee. Students of cognate majors must have a minimum of 9 selected units in geography and consent of the intern committee. Repeatable for a maximum of 6 units in major and 12 units in degree.


Deadlines of each internship varies but many deadlines are approaching fast. Most deadlines for summer internships are in DECEMBER! So get going on your internship research and start sending out your applications!

Where can I find out about internships in my field?

For internships available for General Geography Majors visit:

For internships available for Urban Suburban Majors visit:

For internships available for Physical/Environmental Majors visit:

Water Resource related activities and Summer Internships

  • Contact Donna Sefton at 
    She is the South Central Region Coordinator for the Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program at the DNR and a Whitewater Alumna

For internships available for Geology Majors visit:

  • for LOADS of internships in Geology. Positions available for summer 2007 will be posted on December 4th.

For internships available for Technique Majors visit:

  • Applied Data Consultants is one of the largest GIS firms in the Midwest, and occasionally accepts internship applications, though they rarely advertise positions.

For internships available for International/Regional Majors visit:

  • The Student Conservation Association provides service internships and volunteer opportunities in National Parks, Forests and other public lands.
  • AmeriSpan is a website to help students who are interested in interning abroad.

Read about Real Life Experiences from Student Interns in Geography at:

Undergraduate Research

An experience in undergraduate research is strongly advised for all Geology Emphasis students, especially for those intending to go to graduate school. There are numerous field and laboratory opportunities for the eager student to assist Department faculty members within established research programs.