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Jennifer Thibodeaux
Department Chair & Professor 
Phone: 262-472-1116
Location: Laurentide Hall 5223
Ayn Hess
Academic Department Associate
Phone: 262-472-1103
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What are UW-Whitewater Alumni saying?

"I initially chose to study history because I saw it as a good undergrad to have if I were to attend law school. However, as I decided not to attend law school, I began to view my history degree as a degree that taught me how to research any subject from every angle possible to learn about it (A skill that I use every single day at work). History teaches us how to understand why the world around us is the way it is."

"Took Atlantic History before becoming a history major and fell in love with the department. Learned that I could do a public history degree which would work well with my desire to become a librarian and work in archives and it all kind of fell into place. History is amazing and I love learning about it." "I wanted to study something that I loved and hoped to share my acquired knowledge with any who would listen."

95% of UW-W Alumni agreed that they were satisfied with the quality of their history instruction.

"The depth that we got into in the history courses at UWW was amazing. We covered so much more than I would have ever expected and it always kept me interested." "I remember one of the history professor's once saying, "History is not just names, dates, and wars." His point being, it covers every aspect of society: our government, legal system, business, and even medicine. It made me view history from a much broader perspective than I had previously imagined." "My professors were very knowledgeable in their field of study and made learning interesting and engaging." "They reminded me that there are many sides to every story and each story is worth learning and understanding." "The professors I had were always excited to teach the class, not just what was important to pass the test, but also relating it to the world we're leaving in today. They were able to make me eager to come to class and discuss the lessons, and I enjoyed the time in class. After graduating, history is still important to me, and I enjoy learning about different areas every day." "I learned how to be a historian, which is by far the greater gift than learning when the War of 1812 occurred."

88% oF UW-W Alumni agreed that history study at UW-Whitewater improved their writing and analytical skills.                       

"Writing, studying statutes, presenting to courts, researching complicated issues of fact, and being able to persuasively present subject matter." "I currently use the knowledge and skills learned at UWW mainly in my personal methods of teaching and instruction. Within the classes I teach I like to focus on allowing for the students to analyze data and look at historical events from many perspectives with the use of primary sources." "What I learned most at UWW was how to be analytical and problem-solve, which is something I use every day." "History gave me confidence as a writer." "Not only do I use said skills at work where I do research, analyze history, and describe certain historical narratives but I still carry on my own historical research and even use what I have learned when looking at something as simple as the daily news." "My lesson plans are more geared toward 'thinking like a historian.'" "My historical research skills are central to my research and teaching activities." 84% of UW-W Alumni agreed that history courses at UW-W gave them methods and knowledge for finding and accessing information necessary for their work or profession. 

"Curator at an art museum/historic home"

"High school and middle school teacher" "Currently employed at Wisconsin Historical Society" "Regional Dean" "Working at a live-history museum" "Published numerous articles in academic journals in both Arabic and English" "Presented at numerous conferences in the last three years and have been a TA for a wide range of courses" "Doing research at the National Archives and the Holocaust Museum in Washington" "Taught History at Illinois State University, University of Minnesota, and St. Olaf College"

Undergraduate Research

History undergraduate research student

The Undergraduate Research Program offers history majors a unique opportunity to develop and demonstrate their intellectual and research skills. By providing financial support and close faculty mentoring, the program permits our students to pursue their interests, and gain new abilities as a historical researcher.