College of Letters & Sciences

History Research Symposium

History Research Symposium-Spring 2020

Tentative Date:  Wednesday, April 29, 2020


  • Concurrent Sessions (multiple panels will take place at the same time).
  • Panels of three presenters (seniors  & undergraduate research students).
  • Presentations should be limited to 12-15 minutes each; addressing – your research topic and question, research process, research sources, thesis, samples of supporting evidence, research triumphs & tribulations.
  • Panel Chair-Commenter (faculty member) will introduce each presenter and lead post-presentation Q & A
  • Students currently enrolled in HISTRY 455 or 465 and students who completed 455, 465, or 499 in a previous semester and have not already presented their project at a research symposium.
  • Great Resume Builder.
  • Opportunity to share your excitement, expertise, and research findings with other undergraduate researchers and history enthusiasts.
  • Gain feedback that will help you improve your final research paper.

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