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Travel Study



Dr. Kristen Lavelle, Instructor

Click here for more information on the Civil Rights History-Spring Break 2018 Flier

Course Description: This inspirational week-long bus tour will take students to sites that played a significant role in the civil rights movement of the 1950s-1960s. Students will travel to Memphis, the Mississippi Delta, Selma, Montgomery, Birmingham, and Chicago, plus a separate day trip to Milwaukee. This is an opportunity to learn about a transformative chapter in American history as students visit the places where history was made. The trip will highlight both the movement as it happened and as it is remembered in public spaces ranging from major civil rights museums to nondescript bridges. There will be opportunities to meet people involved in civil rights struggles past and present. The spring break tour, trip to Milwaukee, and the on-campus classes will truly give students a wealth of knowledge on the civil rights movement and its legacies.

Enrollment by Instructor Consent: In order to ensure that everyone fully understands the travel study expectations and is both interested in and able to fully participate in the travel study experience, I am asking that you read and complete this course application. I'm looking forward to a travel group in which each person brings a shared curiosity and thirst for knowledge and a commitment to the well-being of his/her fellow travelers. Beyond this, I expect that each person will bring their own unique experiences, backgrounds, passions, depth or lack of prior knowledge. In other words, please answer the questions below as fully and honestly as possible.

Please click here for the APPLICATION for instructor consent.

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