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Jennifer Thibodeaux
Department Chair & Professor 
Phone: 262-472-1116
Location: Laurentide Hall 5223
Ayn Hess
Academic Department Associate
Phone: 262-472-1103
Location: Laurentide Hall 5221

Benefits of Undergraduate Research

Funding and faculty support for you to carry out a project you care about.

  • Passionate about a topic that you can't fully explore in class? Curious about the history of a particular part of the world? Wish you could check out the UN archives in New York, or conduct an oral history in Los Angeles? Undergraduate Research is the way to pursue your interest.
  • The Undergraduate Research Program allows you to conduct your own archival historical research – in fact, it can fund your travel to visit the archives. It also provides you with the resources and faculty guidance to carry your project through to the end. The university offers a research grant to successful applicants to offset the costs of travel and supplies incurred in the research. Students can also apply for a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Information on funding opportunities can be found here.

Improved project design, research, and presentation skills that will serve you well in your courses here at UWW – and beyond.

  • History professors notice that students who have participated in Undergraduate Research show advanced proficiency in class – they truly understand the ins and outs of the historical research process, and are more adept at presenting their work orally and in writing.
  • Some History students put their Undergraduate Research to use in History 499 Senior Research Seminar, drawing on their findings to write strong senior theses.
  • The work you do as an Undergraduate Research grant recipient will serve as excellent preparation for conducting independent research in graduate school. What's more, your experience with Undergraduate Research will make you a more attractive applicant to graduate schools: admissions committees will be impressed that you have already been carrying out independent work.

A close mentoring relationship with a faculty mentor.

  • Undergraduate Research presents a great opportunity to work one-on-one with a faculty member in the department, on a topic that you care about. You'll get individualized attention and regular feedback on your work.
  • A faculty mentor who really knows you and your intellectual interests can provide valuable advice on graduate school and career options – and is often an ideal person to write a well-informed, strong letter of recommendation for you.

Chances to publish and present your findings.

Student presenting their Undergraduate Research at a conference.