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Jennifer Thibodeaux
Department Chair & Professor 
Phone: 262-472-1116
Location: Laurentide Hall 5223
Ayn Hess
Academic Department Associate
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"One of the main benefits of the program was that it allowed me to foster stronger relationships with the professor outside of the classroom. Professor Shrum became more of a mentor as a result of working with me on the project. In addition, she was able to write stronger recommendation letters which helped me win acceptance to two nationally competitive programs, including Historic Deerfield in Worcester, MASS, where I completed my research for the Undergraduate Program in the summer of 2010."
-Jenny Kalvaitis

"Undergraduate research opportunities in the department provide an unparalleled opportunity for students to take their interest in history beyond the classroom.  Engaging in undergraduate research, students will unlock mysteries of the past while experiencing first-hand the wonder of archival research, field studies, oral histories and more.  They do all of this under the supervision and with the collaboration of experts in their field of interest, often while travelling to distant libraries and archives to experience real-world work as a historian!"
- Prof. Tony Gulig, History Department Chair

"The Undergraduate Research Program provided a great opportunity for me to broaden my researching skills. I was able to travel to Argentina where I could practice my Spanish language skills and immerse myself in an entirely new learning environment. It was also fascinating to develop a research project which was entirely based on archival research and not just secondary source material."
- Brittany Frey

"I'm impressed by how well our student's undergraduate research projects have prepared students for graduate school.  It is seems pretty clear that the undergraduate research experience has helped them get into some very good programs.  Undergraduate research is not only for those looking for graduate studies but for any history major interested in demonstrating to admission committees or future employers that you know how to successfully apply your history research and analytical skills."
- Prof. Seth Meisel

"From working on my Undergraduate Research Project, I gained confidence in my ability as both a historian and a researcher in gathering and interpreting historical information. I had a biased opinion on my subject, the Kharijites, going into the project. From my Undergraduate Research Project, I gained a better understanding that history has to be told from all sides and not just from one platform, such as one Islamic media outlet. The most rewarding aspect of this whole experience was that while I was at NCUR I received (numerous times) the compliment that I was presenting important information.  This will make it a lot easier for me when I use this project for my senior seminar research. In the future, I hope that I can show my Undergraduate Research Project to future employers."
- Amanda Krukar

"This program really encourages students to take their researching skills to the next level. It provides a wonderful opportunity to work in archives to which they might not normally have had access. It also demands a lot of self-discipline and initiative, so every student who goes through the program will come out of it with skills that will help them beyond the classroom. But I think the thing I enjoyed most about working with students on their projects, is the enthusiasm and pride they show when presenting their research. Students tend to become emotionally invested in their work and it is clear that they find the process one of the most intellectually rewarding things that they will do at Whitewater."
- Prof. Mark Boulton

"Everyone should do an Undergraduate Research Project! It is great for a student's resume, and allowed me to greatly expand my research skills and knowledge base. I hope to go to graduate school in history, and this project might well form the basis for my Master's thesis."
- Aleksey Andreev

"Undergraduate Research is a wonderful opportunity for our students. I'm enthusiastic about the program because our student researchers are enthusiastic about it. The student I mentored this year was passionate about her project; as a result, she took her work with UN and International Criminal Tribunal archives much further than I initially imagined possible. I watched her develop real mastery over her topic, and the confidence to present on it to all kinds of audiences. I can't imagine better preparation for graduate-level work. Undergraduate Research can be especially valuable for those who want to work with sources that are far afield. The program reinforces the global reach of our program here in the History department."
- Prof. Emma Kuby