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Elena Levy-Navarro
Department Chair
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Location: Laurentide 3110

Peter Hoff
Foreign Language Coordinator
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Elizabeth Lamb
Academic Dept Assoc
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Study Abroad

Are you looking for opportunities to immerse yourself in Japanese language and culture? You have many such chances through the Japanese Studies program.

Since 2006, UW-Whitewater has sent 145 students to Japan for either internships or study abroad opportunities. That equals 18 students a year. Students have traveled to Tokyo, Nagasaki, Hirakata, Sasebo, and Osaka.

Internship in Japan

Each summer, UW-Whitewater sends up to 10 students who teach English as an American counselor at a summer camp in Japan. If you're interested in teaching English to Japanese students from elementary school to high school, this is a great opportunity!

Study Abroad in Japan

UW-Whitewater offers many semester-long and year-long study abroad programs in Japan.
Because the fall semester in Japan usually runs Sept-late Jan/early Feb, it's only possible to study abroad for fall semester under certain circumstances: 

• If you're doing the full academic year (fall+spring in Japan)
• If the program runs on a different calendar that doesn't conflict with the beginning of our spring semester (e.g. Kansai Gaidai)
• If the program specifically offers an "early departure" option (e.g. Nagasaki University for Foreign Studies)
• If you make a proposal to us about why the academic calendar won't be a problem for you and UW-Whitewater even though you would get back to the US about 10      days/2 weeks after the start of spring semester (e.g. if you're graduating immediately afterwards, if you plan to take only online classes for spring semester, etc.)

But Academic Year and Spring Semester always work (the dates are different in the US but they don't conflict with our semester dates)! And going once you have 60 credits is recommended if you plan to take business courses, since you can't take 300-400-level business courses until you are a junior.

General Information

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• The Spring 2016 applications will open in January and be due next October.

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