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Thesis Workbook

Step Seven

Complicating Your Approach

Now that you've sharpened your thesis through evidence and idea mapping, it's important to test it by approaching your argument from different angles. Watch the video below to get started.

Type in three possible counterarguments in section seven of the worksheet.

Asking Critical Questions

This next video asks you to use the counterarguments you generated in the last exercise to consider critical questions such as the following.

Can you rebut or dismiss the counterarguments?
Can any of the counterarguments you found replace your original argument?
Do the counterarguments lead you to rethink some of your terms or assumptions?
How can you limit or refine your claim to account for counterarguments?

Watch the video below to get started.

Type in responses to the critical questions in section seven of your worksheet. To continue, click on the "Step Eight" link on the navigation panel to the left.