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Advising Information

Each student is responsible for
understanding their university, college, major, and minor requirements,
seeking out relevant university, college, and departmental resources, and
making active and informed decisions about their academic career.

To ensure a successful advising experience, you should...

1. Know who your advisor is.

If you are unsure who your advisor is, you can check in WINS, or you can email the Philosophy & Religious Studies Department ADA. Please note that the ADA can direct you to your advisor, but she will not provide you with direct advising information.

2. Schedule an appointment.

It is extremely important that you schedule an appointment with your advisor before the beginning of the registration period for each semester. Registration for fall courses occurs in March. Registration for sping courses occurs in October. If you don't schedule your advising appointment before the correct registration period, you may not be able to get into all the classes you need. 

3. Prepare for your appointment.

Before your meeting with your advisor, you will need to:

  1. Be sure that all of your holds in WINS (with the exception of an Academic Advising hold which will remain until your advising session) are removed. 
  2. Review your Advising Report (AAR) which is found in WINS.
  3. Compile a list of courses you are interested in taking next semester. You may even want to put the courses you are thinking of taking in your shopping cart in WINS so that you can easily discuss them with your advisor.