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Options for BA Foreign Language

Note: The foreign language requirement discussed here is the College of Letters & Sciences' requirement that the 2nd semester of a foreign language be completed in order to earn a BA degree.

Option 1: Apply for the Language Requirement Waiver

If you graduated from high school before 2012 and took two or more years of the same foreign language in high school, you can apply to have your College of Letters & Sciences foreign language requirement waived. To apply for this waiver, please complete this form:

Option 2: Test Out

You may take a language test either to enroll in a higher level of the language or to receive retroactive credit for your knowledge. You should contact the Testing Office to understand your options or to schedule a test.

Option 3: Take Language Classes at UW-Whitewater

Use WINS to search for courses in a foreign language offered on the main campus, on the Rock campus, or by UW Extended Campus. Most of these courses are face-to-face, but there are a limited number of online options available.

Option 4: Take Language Classes at Other Universities

If you are unable to attend face-to-face classes at UW-Whitewater but are close to another campus, you may be able to complete your language requirement there. Please do be aware that in order to receive your degree from UW-Whitewater, your last 30 units need to completed here; therefore, if you plan to take a language course elsewhere please do so before you get to your last 30 units. Additionally, to ensure that the credit will transfer, you should contact the Registrar to complete a "Transfer Credit Agreement" form before you enroll in any class at another university.

Option 5: Switch to a BS Degree

If you are unable to complete two semesters of a forgein language by any of the above means, you can switch to a Bachelor of Science degree instead of a Bachelor of Arts degree. This may mean you would need to take an additional lab sceince and/or math class, so you should discuss this option with your liberal studies advisor.