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Credit for Prior Learning

Liberal Studies majors and minors at UWW have the opportunity to pursue academic credit for their prior learning experiences, including paid employment, volunteer work, or military experience.

Students can “challenge” a specific course, or they can seek internship credit.

  • To challenge a specific course, students will build a portfolio that demonstrates that they have learned from their experience what would be necessary to pass that specific course.
  • To seek credit for prior experience in the form of an internship, students will follow generally the same requirements as LIBST 493: Internships (described above) but appropriate modifications to those requirement can be may at the discretion of the faculty supervisor.


To pursue this opportunity, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Apply.

  • 1A) Contact the Coordinator for the Credit for Prior Learning Program.
  • 1B) During the application process, you will work with the program coordinator to determine your eligibility for the program.
  • 1C) If you are eligible for the program, the next step will be to determine if your prior learning matches classes in the UWW catalog or should instead count for internship credit.

Step 2: Take an online class & build your portfolio.

Once you are accepted into the Credit for Prior Learning Program, you will enroll in an online course in which you will build a portfolio to demonstrate the skills and knowledge you have gained through your experience and how these skills and knowledge relate to the learning objectives for the course or internship for which you are requesting credit.

Step 3: Get credit.

If you have chosen to request course credit, your completed portfolio will be submitted to an expert in the appropriate field to determine whether or not it can be accepted in substitution for the course requested. If you have chosen to request internship credit, your completed portfolio will be submitted to the Liberal Studies Program Coordinator, to determine whether it is adequate to count in the Liberal Studies "Experiential Learning" category requirement.