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Frequently Asked Questions about Liberal Studies

 Questions Prospective Students Might Ask

What is the application deadline for transfer students?
Applications to start classes in the fall semester must be received by the Admissions Office before July 1. Applications to start classes in the spring semester must be received by the Admissions Office before Dec 1. More information about the transfer process is available here:

How much does the online Liberal Studies program cost?
No one in the liberal studies program can answer this question for you. You will need to talk to the financial aid office to get prices and payment options. Check here:

I am considering transferring to UWW. How can I get my transcripts evaluated to see what courses will count at UWW?
You can have an unofficial review completed by the Admissions Office. Please contact Dave Hahn.

What if I am transferring more than 60 credits from a 2-year institution?
Students must generally earn 60 units at a 4-year institution (and 30 of those must be at UWW) to earn a bachelor's degree from UWW. The 60 units earned as part of an academic (not applied) associate's degree are generally used to waive the UWW university requirements, but units earned beyond those 60 may in some cases fulfill Liberal Studies requirements. This is evaluated by our advisors on a case-by-case basis.

I have applied for admission to UWW, when can I meet with someone to pick out my classes? 
The admissions process includes various offices on campus and does take some time. First, your application & any previous transcripts must be reviewed by the Admissions Office (1-2 weeks). Then, if you are accepted, you will be required to sign up for a SOAR (orientation) Day. A few days before your scheduled orientation, your transfer credits will be evaluated to determine which UWW general education requirements you have already fulfilled. Once those steps have been completed, your Advising Report (AAR) will become visible in WINS. Then, once your AAR is visible in WINS, you will be able to schedule an appointment with your advisor or the Liberal Studies Coordinator to pick out your classes. No one in the Liberal Studies program will be able to give you specific information about what classes you will need to take until your AAR becomes visible in WINS.


Questions about Career Options with a Liberal Studies Degree

What resources are available to me in terms of choosing a career path?
There are several options available to you! You might start by talking to the Career & Leadership Development Office ( ) or by talking to Annie Weberpal, the Letters & Sciences Advising Coordinator.


Questions About Advising

Wondering how a faculty-advisor can help you?
Your faculty-advisor is a resource person throughout your Liberal Studies academic career. They can provide guidance regarding your requirement priorities and confirmation that your course choices will move you toward graduation. They are also available to answer any other questions you may have regarding your academic progress or career/graduate school goals. They can also help connect you to other UWW offices and opportunities that might be useful to you.

Need help using WINS?
Tutorials are available here:

Unsure of who your faculty-advisor is or how to schedule an appointment with them?
You can check in WINS or you can email the Administrative Department Assistant (ADA) at Please note that the ADA can direct you to your advisor but will not provide you with advising. You should schedule an advising meeting with your faculty-advisor at least once per semester. You can find your advisor's office hours and preferred contact method here.

What are my responsibilities before an advising session?
Advice for preparing for advising sessions is available here:

When should I enroll in classes for the upcoming semester?
You should enroll in spring classes during the prior Oct. You should enroll in fall classes during the prior March. If you do not enroll in classes during these times, you will likely have a difficult time finding spots in your desired classes, so please enroll on time!

When I try to enroll in a course, I get an error message in WINS. What should I do?
You will need to contact your advisor to get this resolved. Please make sure to include the entire text of the error message when you contact your advisor because different types of errors require different actions on the part of your advisor.

How can I find out what classes I have remaining before graduation?
You will need to meet with your advisor to discuss this. Each advisor's office hours and preferred contact method is listed here:

If I am a liberal studies minor, who can I see about minor advising?
You are welcome to meet with the Liberal Studies Coordinator. Her office hours & preferred contact methods are available here:

Questions About My Academic Advising Report (AAR)

What should I do if there are classes in the wrong place on my Advising Report (AAR)?
This is an issue that needs to be addressed with your advisor. Once you and your advisor agree on which of your classes need to be moved, your advisor will need to request "personalizations". Once these personalizations are requested, the changes may not show up on your AAR for a few weeks, so be patient. If you are approaching graduation and the changes still haven't appeared, you should contact your advisor again.


Questions about Class Problems, Options, & Schedules

What should I do if I think I might be failing a class?
If you believe you are failing a class, your first step is to meet with the instructor of that class. Perhaps you can get help during their office hours or by seeing a tutor. If it is too late to pass the class, you should drop it. Do not simply stop attending! Do not simply let an F happen! You have options. If you are struggling with decisions about how to proceed, you should meet with your advisor as soon as possible.

How do I know when the last day to drop a class is?
The academic calendar with such deadlines is available by clicking on the relevant term here:

Can I take courses at another university?
Yes, you can! As you are thinking about taking classes elsewhere, please keep your UWW residency requirements (30 units at UWW-including 25% of major & 25% of minor, plus the last 15 units) in mind. Some of these requirement can be appealed, but you should plan ahead anyway.
If you want to see what classes at other UW system schools might transfer back to UWW, you can use this tool:
If you find a class you want to take, you'll need to complete the Transfer Credit Agreement ahead of time.
Once you finish the class at the other university, you'll need to have your transcripts from that school sent to UWW.

Can I see what classes UWW offers online?

Only active UWW students have access to the full course schedule in WINS; however, you can sign in as a guest to view the courses offered in an upcoming semester. Guest access is available here: To view the online classes, select "World Wide Web" from the "Mode of Instruction" dropdown menu.


Questions about Unique Situations

What are my options if I have been dismissed from UWW?
Faculty in the Liberal Studies program are not the best resource for helping you navigate this process; instead, you should contact the Office of Academic Standards. Check here:

Can I study abroad as part of the Liberal Studies program?
Yes! There are lots of options for short term (1 week+) or long term (semester+) travel study, and most of the options offered by UWW will count toward requirements in Liberal Studies. Find out more here:

Who should I talk to if I am interested in participating in a Liberal Studies internship?
First, you should meet with the Liberal Studies Program Coordinator to obtain information and advice about how to pursue an internship opportunity. Ultimately, however, you can work with any faculty member on campus to facilitate an internship that will count for Liberal Studies requirements.