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Student Perspectives


 "When I first came to UWW I thought I would be a Sociology Major, then a History Major, and for a semester, an Art History Major. Then I discovered there was such thing as a Liberal Studies major that would allow me the flexibility to take classes that really interest me -- like Ceramics, German, Women in Pre-Modern History, etc. -- while still working to obtain my goal of a Bachelor's degree. I feel like I'm getting a comprehensive education in a diversity of subjects."

- Nettie Toeller, '17


"A liberal education allows a student to be more rounded. As a non-traditional student, the liberal studies education has helped me expand my knowledge by allowing me to explore different subjects. I've taken courses in History, English, Geology, Geography, Archeology, and Religion. The courses have been presented face to face, online, and as a travel course. The courses I've taken help me in my work by giving me broader perspective, an understanding of diversity, updated skills, and a better understanding of other students - all of which helps me do my job better."

-Alicia Stone-Jackson, '17


"Majoring in something that only lets you take classes on one subject for your entire school career didn't interest me. I found that I had an interest in a wide variety of things that I couldn't express with other majors, and then I found out about liberal studies. As soon as I started learning more about it, I knew I'd found a major that would let me explore my other interests instead of being locked into just one."

-Kira Gookin, '18