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Steve Sahyun
Department Chair & Professor
Phone: (262) 472-5113
Location: Upham Hall 157
Patricia Filipiak
Academic Department Associate
Phone: 262-472-1067
Location: Upham Hall 151


The UWW Physics department hosted the 2018 Wisconsin Association of Physics Teachers meeting October 25 and 27, 2018.Thank you to everyone who helped make the meeting a success!

2019 Undergraduate Research Day Once in the fall and once in the spring, students who have been doing research, display posters describing what they studied and what they learned.  For 3 hours, faculty, staff and students meander around the Hamilton Room, stopping to ask for short explanations.  Topics ranged from identifying students at risk of being bullied to malaria treatment for children in the Sudan, to the effects of Red Bull energy drink on rats.  Physics majors and Physics professors were well represented with 13 of the 97 entries involving Physics students or faculty, many of them being a collaboration between departments.
2019 Undergraduate Research Day-Dakota and ClaytonDakota (Physics) and Clayton (Chemistry) (mentor: Dr. Yavuzcetin, Physics) studied resin beads inside water softeners, developing a sensor to show when resin beads should be replaced rather than waiting for the softener to fail and needing to be completely replaced.

  • Isaiah (Physics) (mentor: Dr. Nawash, Physics) investigated coating medical implants with an anti-bacterial substance using atmospheric plasma. 2019 Undergraduate Research Day-Isaiah

    ·         Braeden (Physics) (mentor: Dr. Tchernookov, Physics) worked on developing a program that senses temperature in multiple locations in a room that can shut down equipment if it is overheating and alert someone by email.

    ·         Aidan (Math) (mentor: Dr. Sahyun, Physics) told about the process for designing and 3D printing objects to help visually impaired students to understand physics and math concepts.

    ·          In Spring 2018, Geology professor Dr.  Bhattacharyya and Physics professor, Dr. Yavuzcetin led a travel study course to Iceland.  Four research posters were related to that trip:

    §  Brian (Physics) and Joel (Physics) looked at ground hot spots, geysers and waterfalls to learn about natural and renewable energy in Iceland.

    §  Michael and Rachael (Geography) analyzed water and sediment to understand the effect of volcanoes, glacier ice-melt and geothermal activity on ground water.2019 Undergraduate Research Day-Brian-Joel

    §  Ryan and Lucas (both Geology/Geography) studied the sand of black beaches to understand lava and volcanic rock and how it became grains of black sand.

    §  Kirsten (Environmental Sci) studied geysers.


    ·         Claire (Physics/Math) and Andrew (MAGD/Math) developed mathematical equations and models to help diagnose and treat ischemic hepatitis.2019 Undergraduate Research Day-Claire

    ·         Ryan (Physics/Math) (mentor: Dr. Chen, Math) studied Cluster Algebras, a new kind of equation first proposed in 2000.

    ·         Christian (Psychology) (mentors: Dr. Warazcynski, Psych, Dr. Yavuzcetin, Physics, Dr. Tchernookov, Physics and Dr. Zamzow, UW-Rock County) tested and observed responses of rats to neural stimuli.

    ·         Brianna (Biology/Psychology) (mentor: Dr. Yavuzcetin, Physics) worked on creating a prosthetic hand that uses surface-generated myoelectric signals that will provide more range of operations at a lower cost.

    ·         Ian (Biology) (mentors: Dr. Cormier, Bio and Dr. Yavuzcetin, Physics) identified Amyloid Fibrils in bovine sperm that may be related to understanding the transmission of HIV.