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Social Work

Contact Information

Sarah Hessenauer
MSW Program Coordinator &  Professor
Phone: 262-472-1203
Location: Laurentide Hall 5201
Deanna Guthrie
BSW Program Coordinator & Associate Professor
Phone: 262-472-1881
Location: Laurentide Hall 5205
Susan Morris
Academic Department Associate 
Phone: 262-472-1137
Location: Laurentide Hall 5201

Hearts in Action Learning Community

The Department of Social Work encourages incoming freshmen social work majors to consider participating in the Hearts in Action Learning Community. Learning Communities (LC) are designed to help students transition to college and campus life. LC participants live together in Lee Hall, are registered for several classes together their first semester, and participate in volunteer and social activities. Hearts in Action social work students are able to take social work courses and interact with social work professors from their first semester on campus, which affords them the oppportunity to develop mentoring relationships with social work faculty earlier than most. Upperclassmen from the Social Work Student Organization (SWSO) and Phi Alpha engage in LC activities.