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During the summer of 2013, Nathan Anderson worked with Dr. Jellerson to write and publish a peer-reviewed, scholarly essay on the Howard Hawks film, His Girl Friday (1940). You can read the published essay here: Gender and Ideology in His Girl Friday.

Anderson"The greatest thing about the McNair program is the freedom it allows. So often class assignments frame a student's research or a word count limits a student's inquiry. But McNair allowed me to find a topic that interested me and explore it in more depth. It also allowed scholars the chance to form new or better relationships with faculty members, forming a better network and providing better support for graduate school." — Nathan Anderson

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Deanna MooreResearcher: Deanna Moore
Mentor: Dr. Donald Jellerson 
Research: Film Methodology and Queer Theory  
"The Film Studies minor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater is a new and growing program which invites students to join the conversation of cinema studies, a field of which involves a unique vocabulary and set of tools for scholarly discussion and writing. To aid with such endeavors, myself and Film Studies Coordinator, Dr. Donald Jellerson, created an online Film Studies Analysis Guide—which includes a downloadable glossary, film clips, still pictures, and concept definitions—as a tailored resource for the UW-Whitewater Film Studies program. The guide will be available for students starting in the fall of 2014. I also assisted Dr. Jellerson in research for his academic book on the cinema of mid-century director Max Ophüls. I contributed an annotated bibliography to be appended to the completed text." — Deanna Moore

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities at UW-Whitewater

For those wishing to excel in scholarly and creative enterprises outside of their classes, this is the right university. UW-Whitewater has a national reputation in undergraduate research, mainly for two reasons: 1) we have terrific student researchers; 2) we are committed to providing them with first- rate opportunities. In particular, we provide strong financial support of undergraduate researchers and we support top quality mentoring. On this page you will find details of our programs and information on how to be successful as an undergraduate researcher or mentor. If you need additional information on any aspect of our program, or have ideas for what we can do to improve, please contact the program director.

Professor Catherine Chan
Director of Undergraduate Research
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