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Purpose of the Certificate

Relationship to Campus

This certificate will be available to all undergraduates at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  It is meant to complement but not replicate other internationally focused academic programs such as International Studies, International Business, International Journalism, etc.   Regionally and nationally, many universities have developed, or are in the process of developing, global certificates of different types. The proposed L&S Global Engagement Certificate is the first portfolio-based global certificate program in the UW System.  

Purpose of the Global Engagement Certificate

The Global Engagement Certificate provides students with recognition for their intercultural knowledge and international experiences.  In completing the requirements for this certificate, students will demonstrate their knowledge of other world cultures, their ability to communicate effectively across cultural and linguistic boundaries, and to work effectively in, and adapt to, different cultural settings.   This certificate will be formally noted on student's UW-Whitewater transcript.To earn the Global Engagement Certificate, students must assemble a reflective portfolio as well as complete four globally focused courses, achieve foreign language proficiency equivalent to four semesters at the college level, study/live abroad for six or more weeks, and attend six extra-curricular internationally-focused experiences on campus.The Global Engagement Certificate may be combined with any major or minor program, and courses used to meet those requirements can also apply to the certificate portfolio.