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A Conversation on Race

UW-Whitewater recognized the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act by engaging the campus community in a wide-ranging "Conversation on Race."

Recent events from California to Missouri to New York highlighted the importance of engaging this nation's civil rights history as more than a mere celebration of past achievements. The persistence and growth of race-based inequities in American society, particularly problematic in Wisconsin, make this an essential aspect of the University's Inclusive Excellence commitment to diversity education and multi-cultural competency.

The goal of the Conversation on Race program was to foster multiple conversations that examined, educated, and opened dialogue on race and race relations past and present. CoR events generated a wealth of resources of enduring value. The faculty, staff, and students who contributed to this project - often sharing very personal stories - encourage you use the resources at this website to keep the conversation going.

Please respect the privacy and copyrights of the people and materials posted here. Advance permission to share, reproduce, or disseminate in any form is required.

UWW-Digital Stories

Student-crafted three-minute digital stories relating some aspect of race and ethnicity to his/her own life

Moments in History

Student-crafted 5-6 panel stories revealing race relations in the past through the story of a significant event, person or group

Whitewater Voices: Say What?

Foreign-born students reflect on things their American-born peers have said to them   

"Whiteness and the Normative American Citizen" 

Yale historian Matthew Frye Jacobson speaking at UWW on the historical connections between citizenship, race and political culture

Race Card Project

A nation-wide web-based project that invites people from all walks of life to reflect on their experiences and thoughts about race

Additional Resources

Bibliographies and links to films, articles, books, and on-line sources for further learning and conversation