College of Letters & Sciences
Dean's Office 4th Floor Laurentide

Integrated Science Business

Contact Information

Hephzibah Kumpaty
Professor & Program Coordinator
Phone: 262-472-1097
Location: Upham Hall 255

Career Opportunities

A new generation of companies involved in researching, designing, and producing innovative products - such as new pharmaceuticals and chemicals, electronic devices, biotechnology, agribusiness, environmental protection, electronics, computers, production automation, petrochemicals, food technology, and communications systems have created a demand for university graduates with both scientific expertise and business training. In such markets, particularly where the technology changes rapidly and competition is relentless, companies benefit from research scientists and business managers who share a mutual understanding of costs, consumer demands, and knowledge of the basic science underlying innovative products.

The focus of an integrated science-business undergraduate program is to develop integrated thinking from the initial stages of education and produce skilled graduates that are highly effective in entry-level positions requiring skills in both science and business.

  • Electronic technology sales
  • Financial analyst (market)
  • Financial analyst (product specialist)
  • Laboratory supervision (technical & human resources)
  • Market manager
  • Paralegal assistant (scientific, economic, marketing, financial)
  • Pharmaceutical sales
  • Process manager (specialist)
  • Product manager
  • Project manager (technical and marketing)
  • Research & development manager (specialist)
  • Program director at private research institutes or federally funded agencies
  • Technology transfer manager (specialist)
  • Technical sales
  • Venture capital specialist


The College of Business and Economics has a well-established and successful national and international internship program. The College of Letters and Sciences program is newer but has been growing rapidly. Recent internships have been at Jones Dairy Farm (consumer meat products; Biology/Marketing), Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (discovery evaluation/patenting/market evaluation; Biology/Physics/Marketing), PanVera Corporation (proteins and assays for drug discovery; Chemistry/Biology/Marketing), Noviko (pharmaceuticals for pets; Chemistry/Marketing).