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Water Emphasis

Students completing the Integrated Science/Business major have the option to add a Water Emphasis.  Water scarcity, pollution, climate change, and other problematic global water trends pose major challenges to businesses now and will continue to do so in the years ahead. It is increasingly clear that the era of cheap and easy access to water is ending, creating perhaps a greater threat to businesses than the loss of any other natural resource, including fossil fuel resources.

Over the past decade, the business sector has discovered water as both a startling vulnerability and an untapped opportunity. Business, through the production of goods and services, impacts water resources directly and through supply chains. Organizations are increasingly recognizing water as natural capital and scrutinizing water-related risks to business. Understanding how businesses use water, what the costs are and how to reduce them, and where the value in water is and how to preserve it are increasingly desired skills.  As the amount of clean, usable water deteriorates and the demand for environmentally conscientious companies increases, the value of business professionals who have an understanding of science increases.  The state of Wisconsin is also known for its water-related manufacturing and research. What better place to access regional opportunities in business and science?  If your interest is especially related to the water aspects of the major, Dr. Linda Reid ( along with Dr. John Ejnik will be a good resource for you. The water emphasis prepares you for a variety of careers, including those in:

  • Environmental Science
  • Compliance
  • Water Research (in science, economics, public policy and other areas)
  • Business Operations
  • Water Technology
  • Sustainability